Maytag Front End Dryer

solostarsAugust 3, 2010

I have searched/googled and have come up empty.

My 3 year old Maytag Front End Dryer will not dry just one or two pieces of clothing. If something is damp or you just want to get wrinkles out, the shirt or whatever it is lands on the rather deep shelf inside the dryer and stays there while the dryer runs for the alloted time. You can have it going 20 minutes, and it will still be wrinkled and damp. I don't have time to grab 4 towels every time I want to spruce up a shirt or to get wrinkles out. Please tell me there is a way to fix this. These shelves are probably 5-6inches deep. Anyone else having this problem? Other than that, the dryer is great. Thanks!!

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Your dryer is what it is, the fundamental design of it can't be changed. The uber-sized models that are common nowadays may not handle a load of just one or two pieces very well. The tumble speed and drum baffles have to be designed for handling a full-size load. The only reasonable workaround is adding more items, such as the towels you mention, to make for a larger load that will tumble properly.

A bit of trivia: Whirlpool offered a couple top-of-the-line dryers in the early 1970s with three tumble speeds. A slower speed allowed better tumbling of lightweight items such as lingerie, and a faster speed for heavy/bulky items.

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I know someone who put a tennis ball in a sock and pinned the sock to the shirt so it would tumble. Sounds wacky but I guess it worked. You might need to adjust the weight depending on the shirt. Those plastic dryer balls may work, too.

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