avoiding dryer sheets, steam dryer?

saeyedocAugust 26, 2014

My wife's trying to avoid using dryer sheets because of her recently diagnosed Lupus (something she found on the internet). She's convinced a steam dryer would solve the problem. I'm trying to convince her that Speed Queen is the way to go because of the lack of electronics resulting in great reliability.
Steam function hype or a real benefit?

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I have stopped using dryer sheets for the past year. I have a Kenmore dryer, with steam functionality-it is not hooked up though. Clothes come out soft. Don't kid yourself though, they will have a bit of static when separating them-fresh out of the dryer. I just give them a good shake/flick and carry on with folding.

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when you say it's not hooked up, does the steam function require hooking up to a water line?

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Yes, dryers with the steam feature are connected to a water supply, although I recall there was at least one brand/model on which a water reservoir was manually filled for each use.

Typically an adapter is included with the dryer to piggy-back it on the washer's cold water tap.

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I haven't used dryer sheets in ten years....it never seemed a problem to me.

Occassionally there's some short term static when you get things out of dryer. It quickly disappears in our humid environment....

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My LG dryer has a tray you manually fill to get steam. I never use it.

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95% of the time, I don't use fabric softener or dryer sheets -- unnecessary chemicals for me, and I've heard dryer sheets, over time, deposit gunk in your exhaust line. I have no idea if that's true, but I can understand your wife wishing to avoid exposure. I used to use Shaklee Get Clean fabric softener and felt it was a good low-chem alternative but I don't notice not having it. I also had good luck with the Shaklee laundry detergent. Like others here, I don't care about static and just shake it and fold it. When I need steam in the dryer, I toss in a clean, damp dish towel. For me, a Steam Queen set would be the bomb. I wish your wife well in managing a difficult illness.

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We never use sheets, nor softener. They didn't exist growing up, and what you've never had, you don't miss.

I'm eager to try out the steam in the dryer when winter hits, but that's not why I got the dryer, and as others have said, static isn't a big deal.

My understanding is that the lack of electronics is only indirectly responsible for SQ reliability, in the sense that it's a symptom of having fewer fancy mechanical features in need of electronic controls. It's true that some brands have reported problems with the electronic board itself failing, but that's addressed by plugging into a good surge suppressor.

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I don't think lack of electronics has anything to do with SQ reliability. By the way, I have read that the timers in the SQ residential top loaders actually have a HIGHER failure rate than SQ's electronics, which they use in ALL their front loaders as well as their commercial top loaders. They are confirming this by REPLACING the timer with electronics in their new residential top loaders coming out next year that will replace AWN412, AWN432, AWN542.

Why is this the case? Speed Queen uses high quality electronics, just like all the other high quality parts they use.

Electronics aren't the problem. CHEAP, CRAPPY electronics are the problem. How often does the "board go out" in your car? Rarely if ever, because the electronics in cars are high quality. The mechanical parts go out first, which is also what happens in a Speed Queen and is exactly how it should be!

All that said, no matter what the brand, we don't hear about washer electronics failing too often anyway. It tends to be more common in appliances where the electronics are exposed to harsher conditions, like ovens and dishwashers.

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I recently stopped using dryer sheets and use wool balls instead. Sounds a little weird, but it works! The balls keep things tumbling nicely in the dryer, and the wool prevents static build up. 6 for $17 on Amazon. Great purchase!

Here is a link that might be useful: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GA9P5P0

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I use the steam feature on my Electrolux dryer frequently. It gets any wrinkles out and is great if you forget to pull your clothes out immediately. No matter how wrinkled, the clothes 'dewrinkle'.

I feel top loading machines do not rinse as well as the FL. I'm very careful about making sure my wash is as free of soap as possible and having both top loaders and front loaders, I feel the Fl's do a better job, especially this machine.


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