Washer and dryer: Deciding betw Electrolux, Bosch & Samsung

suevaniAugust 3, 2009

I am putting in a new second floor laundry room and am considering buying a new washer and dryer (out of fear that my 14 year-old washer might break down and cause a leak). I would like to get something very large, with strong stain removal ability, and minimal vibration and noise. I am looking at Electrolux, Bosch & Samsung. I have heard that the Electrolux and Samsung are the quietest with the least vibration, and are the best for second floor installation. The Electrolux model (4.7 cu ft, EIFLW55HIW) does not have steam, which I hear is great for stain removal. The large Samsung model (4.5 cu ft, WF448AAAP), which has steam, comes only in platinum color and is more expensive. The next size down for the Samsung is 4 cu ft, WF338AAW. The Bosch model (4.2 cu ft, WFMC5440UC) has steam and an Aquastop leak protection system (which is great for the second floor)-- but it is louder, vibrates more, has controls on the top (so it can't be stacked in the future)and doesn't look as sleek as the Electrolux and the Samsung. What should be the most important feature in choosing a washer/dryer: Noise/vibration, steam, size, or a leak protection system?

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You can purchase hoses that will shut off if a hose burst. There are also other systems that could be put into your home by your plumber, since you are going to need one in order to complete your addition. Since this is a new addition, there are probably building codes you will need to adhere to. If not, and you have a leak, you may have a hard time convincing your insurance to pay for the damages.

Personally, noise and vibration would be a deciding factor, especially on the secound floor. As far as steam, I don't see how there can be much of a difference between steam and sanitize.

As far as size, if you having something specific that you are trying to wash, just take it with you. Stuff it into the machines, and see if it will fit. I have the basic Samsung which are the 4.0. It holds an amazing amount of clothes. Just note the sizes of the units that you are considering. They do stick out in the room quite a bit more than a TL.

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So glad you posted this question---I'm also wondering this.

And don't mean to steal your thread, but, Housefairy,do you mind my asking exactly how much room you had to allow behind the machines (or what's the depth from the back wall to the front of your machine?) Your comment about them sticking out is something I'm really wondering since my W/D are directly in front of the door into the LaundRm. DH just can't understand why I can't decide in 15 min which one to buy. Aargh!

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I have the samsung 448 in platinum and I love them. WE also looked at electrolux but chose samsung it holds tons of cloths and I love the steam. every electroliux demo machine we saw the doors were not working plus the sears tech steered us away from them.

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Sujafr, it's kind of hard to measure because of the curvature of the door, but it looks like 35 inches. I do have a rectangular dryer vent so they do set a little bit closer to the wall. 4 3/4 space in the back.

Mine are the 218's which are supposed to be 4.0. Larger units will have to be higher or deeper. They usually don't mess with the width of the machines. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to get them through the doors.

You can go on Samsungs website and download the manuals and dimensions of the units. And I'm sure the other manufactures websites have the same technical info.

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Actually, the Samsung 448 models come in white as well--saw them in the store at Best Buy. And, there's a 419 set which has steam and they're 4.3. (Slightly smaller than the 448's and 12 cycles instead of 14.)

I just bought the 419 set from BB and love how much they hold. I can't say I totally love the washer yet as it has some technical problems (won't fill up in 3 cycles) but I think once the issues are resolved I'm going to be very happy with the set.

The 419's were less $$ than the 448's and I still got the steam feature, which is something I really wanted.

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WE have a small area so I was worried about size but the samsungs fit fine I think the electrolux was even larger it looked huge in the store. Its pedestals were higher I believe as well.

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Could you tell me the measurement of your area that the 448 is in? I am interested in the same model but worry that my space may be too narrow.


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email me and Ill send you a pic

ever more at olypen dot com

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Thanks, mom1234. I emailed you.

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I'm ordering my Electrolux IQ washer and dryer today! I too have a laundry room on the second floor, so will be able to provide feedback on the vibrations these two make. :)

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we have had the exact same electrolux you're looking at for about a month. Decided we didn't need the steam because we never had it, figured we could live without it. So far so good. The machine is whisper quiet, even on maximum spin, which is fast, holds a ton of clothes, and is easy to use. It has a quick clean (around 20 minutes) option that has been very helpful. No movement during spinning, and no issues whatsoever. its only been a month, but so far, I'd recommend it.

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I have the Electrolux and love it! The IQ does have the steam. I bought the Wave Touch 5 months ago and can honestly say, it is the best on the market. Electrolux really stands behind there product. They know they have the best machines, thats why they don't discount them. The new model of the Wave touch is out now and has double the cycles that the 2009 model has. especially more steam cycles. Its model # EWFLS70J also, the washer is now 5.1 instead of 4.7. If you can afford the Wave Touch, you will never regret buying it, trust me. These machines actually makes doing laundry fun. Especially the fact that you can put the light on while the machine is running and the Fast Wash cycle is only 15 min now on the new model.. amazing!!! go buy it! you wont be sorry you did

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On those hoses - google them. I considered them but there are some interesting stories about them that are not that positive (according to some they can fail above the pressure sensitive device that stops the water flow if the hose becomes punctured - a lot of people complained about needing to reset with water pressure changes as well) . I thought that Floodchek hoses looked best or alternately good old braided stainless.

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I have the Samsung W/D with steam and Silver Care. Love them!!!! They are white with stainless details and trims. The vibration reduction technology is amazing.

I love the Silver Care to wash my dark scrubs on warm or cold water. The silver is also great on socks and soiled baby clothes.

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Just got my Electrolux washer and dryer today. Got the basic IQ models and these puppies rock! I love the lights, the incredible dryness of the clothes after washing, the steam cycle dry to refresh clothing, the auto-timed drying cycles, and the ease of use. Better than my first Mieles, but that was 10 years ago. ;)

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I have discovered we have NO repair service available on the mentioned brands in our area of the County. Saw a blog the other day someone from Atlanta mentioned no repair available for LG in the metro area.

Just something to check out before one decides on a specific brand. Salesperon at Big Box store advised me of the same recently.

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@nimela, do what I did, buy it from Lowe's. They have the most reasonable extended protection programs, my EPP cost $160 for four additional years on *both* washer and dryer.

You can't beat not having to worry about problems in the first five years.

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