Seeking advice on new washer purchase

baudjaAugust 12, 2011

It looks like I am unexpectedly in the market for a new washing machine (and possibly a new dryer as well). I have liked everything about my current Fisher Paykel Ecosmart GWL11 except that I can't get local parts and service. My husband looked at it when it started leaking and stopping on the spin cycle. Upon determining that it likely needs several new parts (drain pump and controller), he suggested that I look into buying new. My top criteria are:

* Top load (due to my laundry room configuration)

* Load sensing (to use only the minimal amount of water needed)

* Delayed start feature

* Load balancing when needed

I do lots of small loads of laundry, so speed and efficient use of water are important. I also use my delay start option a lot.

It looks like I could get a Whirlpool Cabrio Washer (Model WTW5610XW) and Dryer (Model WED5610XW) from Costco for around $1200, but I have seen numerous negative reviews of the Cabrio washers.

Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated as I prepare to go shopping this weekend.

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Baudja, F&P parts are available from and, and usually some items can be found on eBay. Repairs (except for replacing the main tub bearings) are not difficult for a moderately-competent DIYer to handle. Replacing the pump is among the easiest repairs on the machine, and the controller board largely is a matter of pulling several wiring plugs, physically swapping the board, then reconnecting the wires. I can send a service manual via e-mail if you're interested, contact me via my GardenWeb profile.

Sears lists the pump for $80, control board $122. Your choice of course whether to repair or replace your machine, but $202 is much less than $1200 for a new washer/dryer pair. :-)

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@ baudja

If you end up needing a new washer and like to wash any loads in true hot water, I can only recommend Maytag Bravos 850 model (there are letters in that model number, but those are the numbers).

The Cabrio, which is similar, does not have a model with an internal wster heater. The Bravos not only heats water to a true hot temp, but also to a true warm temp, if you choose that option.

Maytag Bravos meets all your criteria, and more. I am a very grateful owner of one.

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I'd say the Cabrio pair is a good choice for the price. You shouldn't need to go to Costco to pay that price though, most appliance stores will price match and provide delivery and haulaway.

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Bravos is a better choice than the cabrio. I like the heater option on the bravos

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Bravos 850 model is no longer being produced per Maytag's web site, so supply is limited to what's warehoused / in-stock. There's an updated model 950(?) coming, as I recall.

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