F&P GWL15--water inside base of tub?

cook7068August 19, 2011

We've been having some problems with our GWL15 washer (Fisher and Paykel) and, long story short, the fried part has been ordered and is on its way. In the meantime my husband has partly disassembled the washer (looking for debris, I suspect) and the part that we call the tub and may also be known as the "bowl" is sitting in our laundry room. Funny thing is, the base of this tub seems to be partly filled with water! Nothing leaks out of it if it's turned on its side, but you can hear the water sloshing around and gurgling like it's moving past a set of baffles.

Is this normal? I guess it would make sense for there to be some sort of ballast to be inside this otherwise very light tub, to smooth out minor imbalances. We don't see any way that the water, or whatever it is, could get into the bottom of this tub other than at the time of assembly--or for that matter, how we could let it out. But is this the way things should be?

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YES, there are sealed, water-filled balance rings at both top and bottom of the basket. DO NOT drill holes or try to drain them or the machine will malfunction. The weight of the basket (empty of clothes) must be 23.1 lbs +/- 9.7 oz (or 10.48KG, +/- 275g). If the balance rings leak, the weight is off-spec, the basket must be replaced.

The tub is the plastic outer container. The inner part is referred to as either the basket or bowl.

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We weren't going to try to drill holes--it's just something we had not noticed and thought it was odd. I'll tell my husband it's normal.


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