Should I put in a laundry sink, and if so-- what type?

suevaniAugust 3, 2009

My master suite addition includes a bedroom (14X20), bathroom (14X12), and separate laundry room (just over 10X6). I am wondering if I should put in a laundry sink, and if so, what type? My contractor recommends the laundry sinks on legs, but I don't like the look and think that they are too deep. If I were to do a drop in sink, I would then have to buy a cabinet into which to drop the sink, as well as a countertop-- which can get expensive. I saw a sink at Lowe's which comes complete with cabinet and faucet. It is an ASB laundry sink-- model # 102050. Has anyone used this sink? The cabinet is 24.5 inches wide, 34 inches high, and 24.21 inches deep. The sink depth is 14.5 inches. Are most people who put in laundry rooms also putting in a laundry sink?

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Yes, you should put in a laundry sink. If you don't where are you going to go for water?

By your other posts you are putting this on the second floor. Also, you are looking at washer/dryer sets that are going to run around 3K. Don't go cheap and put in a laundry tub. It will look really bad, especially on the second floor. And it will be a bone of contention, when and if you ever sell.

Aren't you having some kind of countertop or cabinet system in order to fold and store clothes? Drop in an inexpensive acrylic kitchen single tub sink.

You could buy a preformed countertop and put an unfinished cabinet under the sink. Purchase the countertop longer than the cabinet and have the contractor reinforce the part that hangs over. Use some table grade legs for the end. That way you will have a countertop/table. You could push a laundry cart under the table part. Or just go all away across with cabinets. Then you could finish or stain the cabinets yourself, in order to save money.

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I have a sink in my laundry room. It is dropped into a cabinet and is very deep. I use it every day for one thing or another. The cabinet has storage underneath the sink.

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I think you'll really appreciate having a laundry sink. Mine is a drop-in in the counter, but is an acrylic laundry sink so it's deep. That way when DH needs a bucket of warm water for washing the car, he can get it there. It cleans up very easily and works well for us.

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I can't imagine living without one. I throw really dirty rags in there so they're not in the laundry or on the counter, wash lingerie, hang really wet items to drip, rinse my hands off when I get laundry detergent on them, etc etc. I wouldn't buy a house without one & a nice long counter for folding.

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We put two of the "all in one" utility sinks from Lowes (see link) in our new home, one in the garage powder room and one in the laundry room. They are very serviceable, but they aren't high end (the cabinet is kind of cheap looking). I like having the cabinet so I can stash stuff; I like the sprayer; and I like the wash board which is molded into the sink. Personally, for me, a laundry sink in the laundry room is a must!

Here is a link that might be useful: Lowes all in one utility sink

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I bought one of those all in one units from Lowes but later returned it. I had to pick through the ones on the shelf to find the one that was least scratched. The ABS plastic ones are not the same quality as the cast acrylic or fibreglass ones you see. I figured if it was all scratched up now, who knows how it would look after we start using it. The cabinet is also very small for the space I had set aside for and made cheaply. Plus the quality of the faucet didn't seem like it would hold up in the long run. There was very little reviews either good or bad so I figured it wasn't such a great value afterall otherwise someone would have posted at least one good review. You pay for what you get and with all the work I was doing to get my laundry room set up, the last thing I wanted was an all in one that would need replacing at some point, but who knows?

I went with a stainless steel utility sink, 20x20 inch and 10 inch deep and couldn't be happier. Picked up a Delta kitchen faucet for it and overall am pleased with the look and ease of maintenance. These days you don't need such a huge sink as the new washers that are HE compliant don't need to empty tons of water(mine drains to a stacked pipe). Now I can use that sink for just about anything, whereas I never felt comfortable about soaking clothes in something where old paint was staining my cheap plastic laundry tub. Oh yes, the sink is housed in a bigger cabinet and taller to meet up with the height of the washer/dryer and I had the sink slightly offset in the laminate countertop so I could get a small area for a side counter. Very happy I went with a SS sink.

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I am probably a little late to tell you about my sink. But I absolutely love it. It is stainless steel and has a stainless steel counter top on it that has a coating. Awesome!! It is a Sportsmans Best utility sink. What kind of sink did you end up using?

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