Fisher Paykel Eco IWL16 leaks only on hot

nasdaq6August 5, 2014

My Fisher Paykel Eco IWL16 Washer leaks only on the hot temperature. Water comes out the bottom right rear of the machine. It does not do this on any of the other cycles. What could be the problem be?

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There's no reason why leaking would occur only on a hot fill. You may be overlooking some info related to the situation. Hot temperature is not a cycle unto itself, it's a selectable user option. Perhaps provide details on exactly what are all the settings/options you're using when the leaking occurs, what point in the cycle sequence it happens, and what is different about the settings when the leaking does not occur. Troubleshooting a water leak pretty much requires a visual observation when it's happening.

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I popped the top off the machine last night and rang it in diagnostic mode. I discovered that when there are no clothes in the machine and it recirculates the water coming out of the recirculating tube, the water splashes out the back of the of the tub collar in the area of the hump on the tub collar. The water runs down the outside of the tub and onto the floor. I think this is because the gap between the tub collar and the tub is to narrow to let all the water cascade into the tub when there are no clothes in the machine. This creates an issue when I run the tub clean cycle. However when I run it with clothes the gap between the tub collar and tub is wide enough to let the water cascade into the tub 100%. I believe the weight of the clothes widens the gap. Should I get a new Tub Collar and see if this solves my problem when running the machine in the Tub Clean Cycle? If there was a gasket in the hump area to prevent water from splashing back and out of the tub collar this would be ideal. Could it be that my tub collar has been deformed due to overloading the machine?

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How would overloading deform the tub cover?

The recirculation hose fits into a notch at top of the tub, with a grommet/gasket there to fit in the notch around the end of the hose. Check if the hose perhaps has shifted out of proper position.

The gap between the rim of the drum and the tub cover varies because the drum floats upward about 3/8" when the tub fills with water (via air caught under the base). This is part of the automatic water level sensing process. A larger load is heavier when saturated with water so holds the drum longer from floating, which the machine interprets as calling for a higher water level. Floating also is required to disengage the drum from the drive cog so the agitator can oscillate separately. The machine senses when the drum has floated by pulsing the drive motor and reading the rotational inertia.

The water level during recirculation is purposely kept low enough so the drum does not float and the gap for the recirculation flow is at maximum distance ... the drum is driven to rotate at 25 RPM during recirculation so must remain engaged to the drive cog. If your drum is floated during recirculation for the Tub Clean cycle (minimum gap) then the machine may be overfilling for the recirculation phase or excess sudsing may be causing the drum to float when it shouldn't.

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Thank you for the detailed information because I did find that the recirculation black tube was moved over slightly. I did move it over fractionally so hopefully this corrects the issue during the Tub Clean cycle. Also, thanks for the advice on the excess sudsing because the suds did come all the way up to the top of the lid. You have been a big help! Much appreciated!

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