The economics of Sodium Percarbonate Straight

chefwongAugust 17, 2013

$ for $, cost of straight Sodium Percarbonate + shipping, verus picking up a tub of Oxiclean at BJ's / Costco or Ecover (which I've looked high and low and don't see any local or major online retailers carrying stock).

I'm curious whats your Sodium Percarb. of choice - bearing when all said and done, the *value* you get whether it be 80-100% strength on it versus the costs of ~obtaining it~ locally.

Been on a GW Laundry web kick. Reading old threads, Larsi, Shirsivanta's, etc. Debating between options and choices.

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You can buy smaller amounts at regular stores that carry the Ecover brand. I only use a T or so at a time and it lasts a long time. YMMV, but its a good way to see if you like the results without plunking down a lot of $$ for a big hurkin tub of the stuff. You would need to look in the Natural Foods section of the store or go to a store that specializes in Health Foods or whole foods.

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