Washing machine gurgles in second floor laundry

Adrienne2011August 1, 2011

Hi there!

My washer and dryer was just hooked up in the second floor master bathroom closet this weekend, and every time I wash a load, the washing machine gurgles when it drains. These are fairly new Electrolux machines (they're about two years old). When they were on the first floor, the washer never made noise like this. The workers said that this happens and that there's nothing they can do about it. I refuse to believe that there is no solution to this problem. Have you ever experienced this issue?

Thank you for your time.

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I believe that is a drain vent stack issue, or perhaps a somewhat clogged drain that is burping air when too much water is directed at it under at the pressure of the drain pump. That may be benign, if annoying, or it may presage more serious drain back flow probs. A plumber might be your best bet to diagnose this.

If it will make you feel better: in my fairly primitive plumbing system (and it is an old grandfathered-in almost no vent, marginal septic capacity system) when I drain the second load on the wash day it makes a certain sink in an upstairs bathroom to gurgle and burp. The first load is fine, the second causes the problem. It worried me for a while, but it is a long-standing problem that doesn't appear to cause anything other than noise. The machines, BTW are two stories down in the basement, and other sinks in between don't belch. I've never figured it out, but as long as it works, I am content.


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