Carrier Infinity Greenspeed issues?

pjjbutlerDecember 15, 2013

So we moved into this new home the start of November and the system would make a whining noise that could be heard everywhere in the house for about an hour before the defrost cycle would start. They decided this was because instead of 16 pounds of refrigerant they had 14 pounds in the system. They added more refrigerant and since that I now get this noise for about an hour before the defrost cycle kicks in:
Link to a recording of the noise

Can anyone with a carrier infinity greenspeed tell me if they get this same kind of noise? I asked the installer, but he told me 'that's the inverter tech'. I can't believe that this is a normal noise, even my neighbour has told me he finds it annoying, you can only imagine how l feel about listening to it inside.

He also set the lockout for electric set at 18F, does that seem high? It was -15C yesterday and it took $11 in electric and $6 of heat pump to heat my house for the day. (the house is a total of about 2400sq feet).

Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You,

Here is a link that might be useful: My noisy greenspeed

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Certainly not normal.

Dealer should be called back.

GreenSpeed HP carries a db rating as low as 56 depending on size of system.

Email your recording to the installer.


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That was my thought as well, I sent him the recording and he told me it's normal. Either he didn't listen to it or he's tired of trying to fix my problem :)

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I would call Carrier directly. I don't know anything about heat pumps, but I find it hard to believe it should sound like that. It sounds like it is straining. I would also find it annoying if that was the normal noise.

Perhaps try to find someone else in your area and go listen to theirs. Ask your dealer to direct you to one since he is telling you it's normal. Or call another Carrier dealer and see if they will help you find one to listen to, or tell you if it's normal.

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I was just looking at some older are not the only one complaining about the noise....maybe it is normal. If you haven't read the other posts I suggest you take a look. (Dec of this year posts)

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Go back to you tube.

Type in "Carrier Greenspeed Heat Pump Noise".

You will see and hear other GreenSpeed uploads/installs.

Your noise not only is not normal, it is not acceptable.

Stand your ground with Carrier and installing dealer.

Put your complaint in writing. Document everything.

Just wondering. Carrier has special GreenSpeed classes to certify techs both on new installs and troubleshooting. Was your installer certified? I would not want anyone working on your system without that certification.

If this was my install, I would request that a factory Carrier residential specialist accompany your dealer representative on a service call to your home. they should resolve the problem, or replace the condenser, or give you a full refund and remove everything.

As to lockout temp, I would not be concerned about that. However, those operating costs bother me. Do you mind sharing location and your electric rate? What size condenser? What size heat strip? Is heat strip staged?

Does condenser make this noise all the time or does the noise vary according to % output demand?


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Absolutely not normal. You'll be suprise how little the technicians really know. Absolutely ridiculous! Demand that carrier rep come out. Keep us posted. GL.

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See that's the worst part, the heat pump is quiet most of the time. The unusual noises only seem to start to happen when the heat pump has been running for a while. I've noticed that when it does start to make that noise it will either continue until there is no more need for heat, or until the unit goes into defrost mode. So trying to get someone out here when the noise is happening is nearly impossible.

The first problem where you would hear a high pitched whine throughout the house for an hour or longer would happen even when the unit was only running at 50%. If I turned the thermostat up a degree and the unit had to go to 100%, that would _sometimes_ stop the whine.

I'm not sure if the latest noise is related to the temperature outside, or the refrigerant they added a couple days ago to fix problem number one. The day they added the refrigerant was the first time the outdoor temperature had hovered been -20C and -12C(-4F and 10F), I'm curious to see if noise happens again today, since we are still having a cold snap (-10C right now).

The reason I had mentioned the heat strip lockouts is before it was even below freezing I had a few days where the energy used for the electric heating stips was higher then the energy used for the heat pump. Now it's worse since it's even colder the last couple days. I'm not sure how to add pictures to my post, but at $0.10/Kwh this is a screen shot of my costs for the last two days.

I'm in Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada. As to details on the hardware I'm not totally sure, I have a model number of 25VNA036A300 for the heat pump and the fan coil is a FE4ANF005, 3 staged 15Kw heat strip. While looking for more information on my heat pump I found this

...that may explain the new noises.

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Besides the noise, I would be just as concerned with operating costs.

Depending on your average temperature, you stand to have a large electric bill next billing.

You need to note conditions over several days when this whine/whirr noise occurs. Outside temperature plus % operating output of condenser to see if there is any connection.

Right now, I lean towards this as an installer issue. Tech needs to bring his charging charts and troubleshooting list. A good dealer and tech would have already called Carrier support for troubleshooting ideas. I have several ideas but I would only be guessing. First thing though would be to eliminate an overcharge situation.

And I would qualify the tech as GreenSpeed certified.

Keep us posted.


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Last month it was $75 to heat my home, which isn't bad, but November is far from what I'd consider a cold month. So yeah, I'm definitely concerned with the operating costs, I've been checking the numbers every morning. But I think I should start documenting the temperatures each day and the cost each day to see if this is consistent.

The installer has been dealing with the Carrier support, they were the ones that recommended he pull the refrigerant to see how much charge it had. They told him he was two pounds light, but I'm wondering if he didn't put more then the extra two pounds in when he charged it again...or if the line length he gave them was off.

I called him about the blower motor fault, and he tried to play them off as events that might have happened before he was there. Not sure why that would matter, but I told him they happened when the blower was making the odd noises long after he had left. He tells me he's going to get Carrier to replace the unit, but if the installer is the problem I could just be delaying how long it takes to get the system operating efficiently.

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Heat pumps are a tricky beast for the inexperienced. Even more so for a high end system like the GreenSpeed.

Tech needs to check those staged heat strips to make certain they were wired correctly for auxiliary, defrost, and emergency heat.


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I have the two ton model and have not heard the sound you describe so I would say it is not normal. Also I tried to lockout my heat strips down to 5 but I still didn't want them to kick on if the heat pump could handle heating the house. So I set it to heat pump only not system in control and had lows at 0 and maintained 73 in the house easily also shut the heat strips off during defrost. Defrost on auto and it lower the usage around 40 percent!

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So yesterday morning I set the heat strip lockout to 5F(-15C), the temperature outside yesterday was nearly the same as the day before. $5 less to heat the house yesterday, and that was with the lockout changed at 10am in the morning.

This morning I turned off the heat strips for the defrost cycle as well, to see if the cold air during defrost is noticeable. I find with this system the blower never blows a noticeable amount of air. The only time I can tell air is coming out of the vents is if I go and stand on the vent, so I'm thinking cool air for 5 or 10 minutes will be hard to notice, but we'll see how it goes.

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What about noise?

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The noise is still there, not all the time, but usually at least a couple times a day. I don't remember hearing the noise Monday, I definitely heard it yesterday and there were two "Blower Motor Fault" events logged for yesterday. I'm hoping that also explains why yesterdays heating bill was so much more then Monday. The installer keeps telling me he's waiting on Carrier support, but I'm getting tired of waiting for this to be fixed.

I had the heat strips turned off until it reaches 5F(-15C) and heat strips off during defrost, but parts of the house were getting cool. This is a picture of the heating cost for yesterday, quite a difference considering temperatures outside were nearly identical Monday and Tuesday.

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2 1/2 times difference in operating cost from one day to the next...

Keep your records and stay after dealer.

On you tube, I heard your noise on other installs but yours was by far the worst. Also, heard some condensers making only a whisper.


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So I put the temperature up to 22C and locked out the heat strips completely and it stays quite comfortable...and the energy usage stays nice and consistent. Unfortunately, it's still horribly loud and the Carrier technician said that the 'blower fault' messages were for the indoor unit, so the waiting for answers continues.

Here is a link that might be useful: Latest Recording

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Hi. Yes that noise is NOT NORMAL. I have a 4 ton Greenspeed.
Do you have version 9 on that thermostat ? Mine did and propane Greenspeed furnace would go on when heat pump was suppose to reign. They changed my thermostat and this time with version 10 software which now seems to fix my problems. It's a science these Greenspeeds that even some Carrier Reps don't fully understand. Carrier is expecting too much from 3rd party tech. with this leading edge technology. Politely demand a local carrier Rep to talk with your installers. Tell Carrier it can only help with tech training on their proprietary Greenspeed technology.
My issue right now is that the Celcius setting is not real CSA format for a thermostat. In celcius mode Carrier does not offer .5 increment settings (as of version 10) so I cannot get 71 F which is 21.5C. I have to change to Farenheith and when I go back to Celcius my original Celcius settings are now skewed.
Besides these little bugs I like the system. it is quiet. starts to become noticeable at -15C and colder. I was surpised when the gas furnace was switched off and the heat pump took over at -23C for awhile. can't complain about saving $$$.
my other beef is carrier did not allow firmware mods to accommodate an HRV unit other than their own with an added $300 NIM interface. they want a digital to analogue conversion for a simple thing called an HRV. They did it right with a humidifier hookup - using analogue terminals - why not an HRV for on or off depending if dehumidyfier is needed.
Other than that I hope to enjoy saving $$$ on heating costs.

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So it's been a couple months since they replaced the outdoor unit, so I thought I'd better post an update.
I still have the heat strips locked out to 5F(-15C), with the exception being for the defrost cycle. With the heat set to 22C all the time my heat cost for February was $130, for March it was $136. The noise is a little different from the comfort series carrier heat pump I had at my last home, but it's an acceptable level now. It was an expensive up front cost, but I think I'll be more then happy with it if it continues to work this well.

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Good that it all worked out.

Your costs to heat are very low. The greenspeed system appears to be suitable for northern climates, as advertised. I wonder if more people will switch from natural gas to an air source heat pump like yours?

Our highest use this winter was 1778 kWh over 30 days with our 2001 Carrier Heat Pump. App. 450 of that is not related to heating, so 1,328 kWh for heat pump. We also locked out strips to 5F and no strips on during defrost cycle. Low speed fan is on at all times. We keep ours at 70F day and 68F night and our house is app. 10% smaller than yours. Our rates are also higher at $.119/kWh during high use times (volume discount).

We're tempted to upgrade, but will wait a few more years to see how the technology prices itself on these newer units, with more competition in the market.

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