Where to find a Good stand-alone Hanging Rod?

nostalgicfarmAugust 7, 2014

I am trying to get a basement laundry/utility room workable before we get moved in in a few weeks. We are a family of 5, so a lot of laundry! I like to fold/hang clothes during the week and put everything away once or twice a week. Needing your suggestions on a good laundry rod about 4-6 feet long that won't fall apart? The $30 ones at WallyWorld just look like they would break if I put my 4 year olds t-shirts on them! I am in Nebraska with NO Container Store, but I would be glad to order from IKEA/Container Store/Amazon. I just don't want to fight junk. (Although it doesn't need to be madeout or platinum either!)
Thanks Everyone!

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Have you thought about getting a shower curtain rod and mounting it from the ceiling or between 2 post? I don't know what your basement looks like, mine is unfinished. But a shower curtain rod is a finished rod and could be mounted nicely in a finished room I would think.

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Enduring-That is a good idea. Unfortunately I don't think my husband wouldlike that. We have tehabed this whole house, and he is being particular about anything coming in must be very nice.

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I have a clothes rack made of metal that I got from Target. It is expandable, on wheels and folds for storage. If you don't have a store near you, you can order it online.

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I get the "every thing must very nice". Have you done a search on Houzz for what you are looking for? They often list what the elements are that are shown. Open the particular image you like and there are usually a bunch of questions and answers related to the pic. Post one that you like here to help us see your vision.

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Have you seen the Sheila maid? Nice and functional depending on how large your space is.
Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sheilamaid

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Thanks everyone! After going through Home Depot for the zillionth time during this rehab, I passed the wire/plastic closet organizers. I think I will ask Hubby if he will install the brackets for it with cement screws...then I canhave a nice hanging rod and another section with shelves for baskets!
I sshould stay off Houzz, the laundry is in an unfinished basement...I just know my husband wouldn't go for something hanging from the ceiling. So for now, I just work with the space I have...and finish it later!

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