how much Tide he liquid do you use in a frontloader?

stbonnerAugust 20, 2010

I have a Bosch Nexxt 500. I've recently been using Vaska and Method detergents, but have found that I really have to go back to Tide for towels and for my husband's outdoor clothes. I have been using 2 tbs. of the powder Tide with great results and no oversudsing, but I'm have some oversudsing issues with the liquid Tide Free. I've been filling the cap to the very lowest line but I'm thinking that is probably too much.

If you use Tide liquid in a frontloader how much do you use?

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What size FL? How large load? Soft or hard water? How hard? Have no idea how much "cap to the very lowest line" actually is. Do you?

Basically, if you're seeing suds beyond a very few bubbles on top, that's too much. HE detergents -- unlike non-HE detergents -- are designed to NOT produce suds. If you're seeing suds, you're using too much.

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Sorry, it's a Bosch Nexxt 500 washer - I think it is 4.2 cu ft. Water is moderately hard. No, I don't know how much liquid is measured to the lowest line on the Tide cap. I was just looking for a general idea of whether or not most people use less than the manufacturer's recommendation on an average sized load.

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I use the minimum. I have a 4.7 cu. ft washer and very hard water. Clothes come out nice and clean. :)

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I use Tide HE with a Whirlpool Duet & find that a small amount is plenty. I am probably using 1/3 or less of what I used with my top loader (of course, that wasn't your question), but after 9 months use the following standard:
-- if full load I go to 3rd line on cap
-- If half to 3/4 I go to 2 or 2.5 lines
-- if small load 1 line
-- if "handwashing" load -- lingerie -- I use 1/2 of 1st line or less
-- if clothes are very dirty I go up 1/2 line, new clothes or light dirt I go down 1/2 line

This definitely was an adjustment for me with the FL. I know I have the right amount when there are just a few bubbles on the window of the door. My clothes are so clean & fresh & many times I don't pre-treat.

good luck!

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stbonner... with moderately hard water, 2 TBS is surely not enough for a 4+ cuft washer. I used 2 TBS in my ~2 cuft Asko and use 3-4 TBS in my 4.0 cuft Miele. If I have a 1/2 or smaller load I may use 2 TBS. Keep an eye on your clothes. If your whites start to look dingy or clothes start to feel stiff or scratchy, I recommend you increase the dose.

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I don't have a frontloader. I'm using an HE toploader, in fact the first HE toploader that was available on the US market. Well, not THE first one, but a specimen of it, LOL. It's quite frugal on wash water, and also rinses very well. Rated @ 18 lbs capacity, I don't know what's the cu. ft.

I primarily use powder, but usually keep a bottle of liquid for variety and pretreating. Tide HE Coldwater, currently. For a so-called "average" load, I fill the cap to the designated 2nd line. I don't have any trouble with oversudsing. My water was measured at 11 grains several years ago by a water softener salesman. I didn't buy the equipment. :-)

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I read an interesting article in the NYTimes a few months ago about laundry soap. They said we are using way too much. I cut my soap by 50 percent, front loader. I love Tide and only use 1/2 of what they recommend. Clothes are still nice and clean. You might do some testing etc...but it is something to check out.

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Like dadoes, I have an HE toploader. I use Tide HE liquid for some loads. The amount I use depends upon 1) the size of the load (of course), 2) the type laundry I'm washing (I use less for sheets and towels) and 3) how dirty the laundry is.

If I think I need the full amount (Level 3), I also use an extra rinse, with vinegar.

Thus far I haven't had any problems with suds, at all.

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