washer drum not turning

cootieluAugust 3, 2010

Our washer will fill and drain, but drum will not turn in the wash cycle or spin cycle. It just makes a loud rattling noise like it's trying to turn. I cannot turn it manually either if I try.

It's a Kenmore 80 series 3-speed motor, model 110-29852991 probably 20 years old.

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Most likely the rubber coupling is broken.
It's a very easy fix and cost $20.00 to replace for a DYI.

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There are some Youtube videos on how to replace the coupling that are pretty good.

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The coupler is part number 285753A. It can be found for less than $12. You can perhaps confirm it's the problem by looking on the floor under the machine for rubber and/or plastic debris from the broken/shredded coupler (although that's not always seen). It's equivalent to a belt. If the coupler is your problem, you should definitely fix the machine. There's no need to toss-out a washer for a broken "belt" or a simple $12 part. :-)

The drum (basket) should be very difficult to turn by hand when the spin brake is engaged. The basket turns only during spin when the brake is released and the clutch is engaged. The agitator oscillates during the wash period, the basket does not turn then.

Note that while indications point to a broken coupler, it's impossible to make a 100% accurate diagnosis without examining the machine. There's a small chance of some other problem, or more than one problem such as something mechanically wrong that caused the coupler to break.

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