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kheflwDecember 31, 2013

Hi, looking for some info on my Trane Heatpump systems. I just installed a very nice Fireplace Insert (wood burning), does a great job of heating my large open area, LR, Kit, DR. I want to try to circulate this warm air through the air handler to the bedrooms. Sounds easy, I'm aware of the heat loss through the system, but want to try it. Anyway, I turning my thermostat to OFF and set the Fan switch from Auto to ON. Fan comes on, but oddly to me, the compressor outside is also running. Is this normal?
So, first off, should the Compressor be running? Is it only the fan spinning and not major electric being used? Any other thoughts? My 2nd Zone, when I turn thermostat from Auto to FAN ON, the fan runs at a very slow speed. When you push it over to call for heat, the fan system blows much harder. Is it some variable speed thing knowing the temp of the air? Can I lock it in at the higher speed?

Thanks for any help.

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You should be able to run on fan only, meaning fan only. You have a zone control panel and multiple t-stats. I'd discuss with the installer about wiring this so it will do what you want. I have done what you want with different appliances and it can be pretty effective, depending upon lay-out of the components and space.

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Anymore comments. I have searched this to death. I replaced the thermostat, have a grey wire for G connector for the Fan. Turning the thermostat to turn on the Fan, the fan starts, but the compressor also starts outside.
Why is this? Any ideas. Am I wired incorrectly? Heat works fine.


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I should specify that probably only the compressor FAN is running outside. I did some reading, and it's possible that my air handler and compressor fan is wired together. So when the air handler starts, the outdoor fan starts as well. I'm looking for some help to verify this. Would really like to be able to just run the air handler.


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I have never seen it nor think of a reason why the outside fan should run. I wouldn't say it's impossible,but it would take some doing just to have the outside fan run without the compressor running as well, except while unit is in defrost mode. Defrost should only activate when t-stat is set to run compressor in heat mode. It sounds like improperly wired. This is off subject but you need to confirm that air handler doesn't create any pressure differential in living area. Neg pressure will pull gases from fireplace which is dangerous. Postive will force conditioned air up the fireplace flue resulting in wasted energy.

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My York heat pump's fan is DC and runs 24/7 365 with no noise or outside fan or compressor involved. Are all heat pump fans direct current? I have windows and doors open almost year 'round, so I change the filter about every six to eight weeks.

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Chances are your issue is not with the thermostat (unless someone jumpered the Fan (G) to the heat activations (W or Y).

There may be wiring issues between the blower and the compressor.

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