How to set Carrier Lock Out temp

paulkDecember 2, 2012

I have a new Carrier heat pump/air conditioner and oil furnace as auxilary. My aux. heat is supposed to be set at 32, however it is not automatically switching over. However if I manually set the thermostat to Emergency heat the oil takes over and works as it should. I am looking for instructions to set the lockout temp on my thermostat. My installation instructions manual states the thermostat is locked so only the installer can make this change. Also I'm not sure what option to use between option 8(aux.heat lockout temp) or option 9 (heat pump lockout temp. balance point).

My thermostat manual is labeled as TP-PRH-A, NRH-A Performance Series Edge. And it is the programmable model A07049.

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I have an Edge Thermostat. The installers gave me both the Owners Manual and the Installation Manual. You should ask them for the missing Installation Manual.

Goto page 26 of the linked manual. Don't mess around with any settings you don't understand.

PS 32 degrees is not an option ... I have mine set for 30 degrees, considered 25 degrees.

Here is a link that might be useful: User Manual

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I actually have the installation instructions.

Page 24 shows the settings 08 and 09 that I would like to check, however it states the homeowner does not have access to make changes to the settings. I understand the risk and won't make changes until I'm clear. So if anyone knows the difference between 8 and 9 I would appreciate your help.

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I don't know how to make it clearer, in the Manual that YOU identified GOTO page 26 and it tells you to press and hold the fan button for approximately 10 seconds and that will take you to the Configuration Mode where you can change any and all of the 33 settings.

The Users manual limits the homeowner to changing only those settings marked with an asterisk.

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Option 8: Auxiliary heat lock out. When this is enabled, the auxiliary heat will not operate above the specified temperature.

Option 9: Heat pump lock out. When this is enabled, the heat pump will not operate below the specified temperature.

What is the setting for Option 1 and is it correct? Don't assume the contractor has wired the thermostat correctly.

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Thanks guys. Both 8 and 9 were set at 25. I bumped both to 35. Appreciate your help!

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There actually should be an overlap in those numbers. Say 35-40 for #8 and 30-35 for #9, depending on how efficient your HP is and how much oil costs for you.

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I have both Option 8 and also Option 9 set for 30 degrees and that combination does exactly what I want.

I determined 30 degrees based on COP of Heat Pump, efficiency of oil furnace, and price of electricity and price of oil.

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