"urgent" bin of some sort in laundry room?

glitter_and_gunsAugust 11, 2014

I have 2 teen daughters and an unfortunately small laundry room that is a walk through from the garage into the kitchen. School is about to start and I am going to have a couple of sports uniforms that are going to need 24-48 hour turn around time. Also some of the club/group shirts will sometimes be needed within a couple of days from last wear. I have decided that I probably need some kind of "urgent" laundry container in the laundry area. Due to size, I think it is going to need to be wall mount - I was thinking maybe a wire basket (breathable).

Does anyone have any suggestions? How does your family handle urgent laundry needs?

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Put them directly in the washer.

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Have your daughters wash them.

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The Elfa system uses "tracks" that you mount on the wall. They have baskets and you could change it at a future date when your needs change. The container store sells this brand. But you could probably find similar stuff at the local home improvement store. Just look for systems that are marketed toward closets.

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Breathable is definitely what you want. I also recommend looking at your local Home Depot/Lowe's/whatever for the vinyl coated wire baskets than can be mounted on the wall, found in the closets or storage/organization aisle.

Below is a link to what I have used in the past:

Here is a link that might be useful: wall mounted wire storage basket

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Thanks for the suggestion about washing right away or having daughters wash them. Problem being for uniforms we will get in from some games around midnight and I don't want the washer running then. For the "urgent" shirts or whatever that pops up during the week, I would like for them to go in with a regular load if possible, not a single item load if we can avoid it. We are a very involved family and sometimes we don't have anyone home long enough to wash/dry them. Everyone in the family is very good about doing a load or two when they have time. We just need a system where whoever has time can see what is most urgent.

I love the idea of wire mounted basket of some sort, and am going to look into that. Thank you both very much for pointing me in that direction.

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