Clean Dryer Vent & New Washer Belts, SWEET

enduringAugust 14, 2013

Hi, as I wait for the electrician, plumber, carpenter, and me to get my bathroom remodel to the point that I can have my new Miele W/D set delivered, I have done some housekeeping/maintenance on my old 25 year old Maytag top loader and a more recent Kenmore dryer.

I've been waiting for months now for the new set to get installed :/

The old set is in the basement and will stay there once the new set is in the main floor bathroom.

So, typically we clean the vent out every 1-2 years. I recently bought one of those auger brushes (that I saw at Lowes) from an online site called Dryer something. First, I have to say that the instructions were the best set of instructions that I have ever read on anything. Though it is not a complicated procedure, the instructions were clear, articulate, referanced previous statements, and, perfect :) I felt that even if the system didn't work the money was well spent just reading such a well produced instruction manual.

I was all set to start using the system but didn't have a chance because DH disassembled the vent stack right before my eyes. This is what we typically do. He didn't know I wanted to try the system with vent in place. I guess I should have handed him the manual, as it was much clearer than me:) He said "but this is so easy". We don't have our vent taped together, instead we just take it apart and clean it outside. Well I used the brush outside with the drill, to auger the individual pipes out. I think I will like it when I use it the way it was intended, with the stack in place. The kit has an attachment that hooks up to the proximal end of the vent to a shop vac. The other end, out side, is were you start the auger brush, attached to a drill. The shopvac attachment also has a little hole to put your auger through to vac and auger from the same end. We did this at the dryer to get the inside of the dryer vent cleaned.

We took the front off and disassembled the lint catcher area too. I have always just used a long flexible crevice tool for that but the nozzle is too tiny to be much use. I even wiped down the squirrel cage as best I could. And I did notice a small amount of toasted lint sitting on top of the box where the heating element is contained. It felt good to get this even more clean than I thought was possible. I always thought the vacuuming of the lint screen holder was adequate, but it is not. I think I noticed more air movement from the vent, when drying. I don't know if it helped my drying time though. Anyway I feel good about the probable improved efficiency. Nice to get done before winter.

Washer has been wonderful for all these years. But recently it started making some squeaking noises while spinning. Then it started making bumping noises Monday night. Yesterday DH went to the automotive store and got two belts and installed them. We have never had any service on this machine, all these years. Now it sounds good again. I hope we can get a few more years out of it.

Thought I'd share my recent maintenance. If anyone has more helpful information on this topic I would appreciate it. I love mechanical maintenance, but haven't always been the best at it, as my other commitments seem to get in the way. DH is a master at it with his farm equipment.

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Yesterday DH went to the automotive store and got two belts and installed them. This is a mistake. Classic two-belt Maytag toploaders MUST use ONLY manufacturer-sourced, Maytag-original belts. Generic or automotive belts should not be substituted. Reason is that the motor-to-transmission belt has a special cloth coating and functions as the machine's spin clutch, is intended to slip on the pulleys while the drum gets up to speed. A non-coated belt will grab instantly instead of slipping, which puts too much bind on the motor and causes high amperage draw, overheating and potential shut-off of the motor.

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Dadoes, thank you so much for your input. I ordered 2 belts from sears using the parts numbers. We did one load, but I will put it on hold until we get the belts in the mail. Again thanks for you prompt input.

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