Attic Insulation

pete_p_nyDecember 17, 2011

I wanted to insulate my attic. It has 1963 vintage kraft faced insulation...probably 2 to 3" think. It is in ratty condition (matted down, some areas breached from prior work in the house, etc). Am I better off pulling it all out and dumping in fresh kraft faced insulation? Or covering over the top with unfaced insulation. From the sheetrock to the top of the joist is 9". I also saw on a home show, a builder cut strips of poly plastic sheeting and layed it in each joist and covered with unfaced insulation. Not sure if that is worth the effort, but it supposedly unfaced is considerable cheaper in cost.

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Mostly I see blown in insulation which is nice because you can cover the joists and get a much higher r-value - ie r-60 and even above. I can't remember if that is a problem in NY - I wouldn't think so. Lowe's rents you a machine to blow for free. You would remove the old insulation - just because it may be moldy and it isn't doing much anyway.

The vapor barrier question is a big one so you need to be sure on that. I am 90% sure you would be fine but I'd want to be sure.

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Don't use poly on the ceiling for any reason. It is a bad idea.

Here is a link that might be useful: Corbett Cooling

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Why is poly bad? I see it being used on many home shows?

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friend had his blown/batt attic insulation removed and than put down a layer of spray foam and had cellulose blown on top. says 2nd floor is much warmer now. he had areas that had drafts and leaks before and wanted a tight leak free install.

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