328 aar samsung washer

wgpettitAugust 18, 2010

About a year ago I posted about dissatisfaction on the above model samsung washer and had numerous responses saying that I must have the hoses crossed and also were the hot and cold lights both on? First the above model does not have lights on the hot and cold to indicate, and no the hoses were not crossed. I had sears send a repairman out to check it out (after sorry samsung support). They ended up giving me a new unit which was not much better. I now have to pretreat even the slightest of dirt on clothes and then hope and pray that they are half way clean when they come out. It has been a year and I am now looking at replacing the washer with a different brand and also one that is NOT a front loader. It should be considered a crime to sell this junk. Wishing I had my money back !!

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Sorry to hear about your problems with your FL. Sounds like you might want to look at Speed Queen.

Also you say your hoses weren't crossed. But did you remove the hoses from the back of the machine and then run the water through the hose to MAKE SURE that your hot water tap was actually your hot water? They may have plumbed your water spigots backwards. (Just a thought before you buy another washer.)

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