Replace all...or just the gas furnace?

touchthewindriderDecember 13, 2013

Greetings all.

Live in Raleigh, NC. Gas furnace crapped out a couple of weeks ago; have wood stove as back up. House: 2400 sqf.
South facing walls, floor to ceiling windows...great passive solar. Very well insulated house.


AC/Heat pump: Trane XL14 working fine, maybe 9, 10 years old.

Quoted to replace just the gas furnace with a:

XV95 for $3,941.00

Replace the whole shootin' match with:
XV95 and a 15 seer AC/Heat pump for $7,280.00

Comfort Specialist indicated we could probably get another 3 to 5 years out of our AC/Heat pump and change it out then.

Should we go with just the gas furnace now or do it all?


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What size is your XL14i heat pump?

If HP condenser is working satisfactorily and has been properly serviced/maintained with no real problems, I would not change it out.

What size furnace and efficiency are you replacing?

What size XV95 furnace has been quoted?

You will need a good two stage thermostat with DF feature plus an outside sensor. You may already have the outdoor sensor. I have XL14i HP condenser and my sensor is a mechanical thermostat located inside the condenser control panel. Works like a charm.

Most people would say the 95% eff XV95 paired with HP is overkill for your area. If interested you could get a price on the XV80 furnace 80 KBTU size for comparison purposes.

If you don't already have a pleated filter media cabinet, now is the time to add one. Trane's Perfect Fit model fits the furnace like a glove fits a hand. That's the one I would recommend.


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What size has been quoted for the new XV95?

Are you using the heat pump to heat the house while the furnace is down? How do you like it compared to the furnace?

I would agree that your current heat pump has several more years of life and is not worth replacing. Another option would be to get the XV95 now and then get an AC only condenser in the future.

What are your gas and electric rates? This would factor into the decision.

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