Can this iron be saved?

stbonnerAugust 7, 2010

I have, in the past, been really bad about storing my iron without emptying the water out of it. I know this is a bad practice, and my troubles now are nobody's fault but my own. I solemnly swear to do better from this day forward ... but, my current iron is spitting rusty water and I'm trying to figure out if it can be rehabbed or if I'm wasting my time.

I have run a vinegar and water mixture through it multiple times and let it steam through, alternately letting it just steam on its own and using the steam blast feature. I've gotten tons of junk out of the iron - rusty water, bits of rusty looking stuff, etc., but I can't seem to get to the end of it. Is there an end, or is it possible that my iron is just too far gone? Really, I'm about to pickle myself from standing over the sink with my vinegar-y iron and at this point I'm wondering if I should just call it a day and get a new one. The iron is a Rowenta, and it wasn't cheap, so I'd like to save it if it is possible. Any suggestions?

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Can you e-mail Rowenta's customer service and see if they have a fix for your problem? I agree it would be a shame to junk the iron.

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It almost sounds like maybe there are rusted or otherwise damaged parts inside. My fear would be it runs clean, then you iron a white dress shirt and it's a catastrophe.

I agree about calling Rowenta in case they have a suggestion like leave it in the sun for 5 hours or something. Lol.

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Well, I never thought about calling Rowenta. Good idea. I'll do that Monday. Thanks, y'all.

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