Using Diesel Fuel in Oil Furnace

chas036December 8, 2008

The price of diesel fuel in my area is $2.50 per gal where as #2 fuel oil is $3.39 Can I burn diesel fuel in my furnace without any problems since it is considered #2 fuel oil?

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It is the same, in fact perhaps better as it is controlled (octane, or in this case cetane #) and filtered better.
However, you will be hard-pressed to get a delivery to a home heating tank.

If youÂre thinking of carting home 5 gallons every night, factor in the inconvenience and smell involved to this task.

Diesel fuel has fallen as has petrol, and fuel oil hasn't caught up do to reserves and inventory. My advice is to keep shopping the fuel oil delivery price in your area.

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Your probably burning diesle anyway. #1 fuel oil is used up in Canada. It is different up here. We can use purple
winter diesle. It is purple to designate no road tax. #2 doesn't want to burn very well at 40 below but will burn eventually when it warms up. Not as much heat. Most of our
oil tanks are outside. Put #2 oil in the tank and your furnace will not start. You also need a one inch supply line from the tank to the inside filter. I had to put winter diesle in my garage furnace last month. The furnace
will not start without delayed ignition. Once the oil warms up everything is fine. There is a big difference in
#1 and #2 oil up here. Actually we can't get #2 oil.

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Where is fuel oil still so expensive? Today in eastern PA the price is about $1.80+ a gallon for a tank full.

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