Great "gadget" buy, I think

annie1992June 23, 2013

Here we have a local "Thrifty Outlet", it's where all the unsold and outdated merchandise from the Meijer stores go as a last ditch effort to sell it.

Amanda went with me and she found two of these, one for her and one for her sister:

The Price?

Yup, $1.50. I don't need one, I prefer a knife, but both the girls were excited, and Makayla says she'll slice all the cucumbers we get from the garden this summer.


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You can't beat the price. Is it safe enough for Makayla to use?


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Ann, I think it is. You put the vegetables in a tube, much like a food processor, but the thing works by pushing down the handle, kind of like a mechanized mandolin, as far as I can tell. Makayla will be 10 in November, and does some minor chopping and slicing, so I think she'll be fine. If I think she could cut herself, maybe I'll buy her one of those cutting gloves, which would significantly up the price of the slicer. (grin)

Does it work? I guess we'll see but I figure they can probably get $1.50 worth of slicing out of the things!


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Great find and a great offer from Makayla. Hope you're planning on doing up a lot of pickles so she'll have lots of slicing to do.

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Good find, Annie. I foresee lots of sliced squash in your future too.

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Heck, for $1.50, if Makayla gets an hour of entertainment, you came out ahead. Just keep it out of Bud's hands. I'm sure he would find all kinds of interesting things to slice up.

I love bargains. I went to our local cheap plant place and bought and couple of half dead leftovers for almost nothing. Once they got into some decent soil and were watered, they look great.

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Let us know how well the "sliceOmatic" works. I just found a brand new Feemster at the flea market for $2 and that thing wouldn't cut hot butter...UGH! But the adjustment platform cut my finger on a sharp edge though when I was changing it's height...GAH!

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Akgirl, I will do that. Makayla is watching for zucchini and cucumbers and I think next time we have a family picnic, maybe she can slice the onions.


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