hate my maytag bravos he top loader washer

tinker1121August 21, 2014

I bought this thing three years ago and really need to replace it. My clothes come out all wrinkled, towels and washcloths do not seem clean (after using a clean towel or kitchen cloth they have a musty and not fresh scent), things get all twisted such as my tops, sheets twist all together and using the designated settings such as Bulky, Sheets, Colors & Towels does not really make a difference.

I have contacted Maytag several times and they have me "tips" such as don't wash all towels, all pants, all sheets together and mix the loads. This makes no sense and is really inconvenient. These HE top loaders have no agitator in the center which causes issues with stretching things across the width of the washer.

It also has a "Clean the Washer" alert where once per month or so you run bleach thru it or Afresh Washer Cleaner which in itself is ridiculous to have to clean my washer. If it used enough water (I learned to use the Heavy Soil for all loads as that is the maximum amount of water the thing will fill with) but I have already paused and opened the washer mid cycle and items on the top of the load had dry spots.

As soon as I can find a way to put it on CL, feel like moving my kitchen range to allow for delivery for a new washer down the basement stairs, this thing is history. Tired of twisted and wrinkled clothes that need much ironing, clean wash does not seem clean at all and ironically this HE has not changed our water bill at all. I will purchase a GE traditional type washer with an agitator next.

Just had to vent and warn others not to buy this. They are sold at the HD and I truly think the big box stores stock the not so great appliance models.

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"I will purchase a GE traditional type washer with an agitator next."


Get a front loader or a Speed Queen traditional top loader, if those are too much $$$ get a Whirlpool/Maytag traditional top load.

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Did you have a bad experience with the GE? It is not the brand but I like large capacity. Can't have a front loader as too large to get down to the basement of this old house.

Haven't seen Speed Queen around here but will look.

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Although they do a great job cleaning GE top loaders just aren't durable anymore. I had a Hydrowave that came with the house and also worked on one owned by a friend.

I would also stay away from the Thailand made Frigidaire top loaders.

I don't think WP/Maytag's design is as durable as it used to be either, but I have several at rental properties and they are so cheap to buy and easy to fix if they break. I know you probably don't like the idea of buying Whirlpool/Maytag again, but I think they have the best conventional top load design on the market today in their price range, with Speed Queen being the best overall (but costing as much as a lower end front loader).

Speed Queen will be tougher to find - you won't see it at the big box stores. They only sell through independent appliance shops so if you don't have a dealer near you you'd need to buy it online.

I believe that covers all the conventional top loaders on the market today! There are only 4 left - pretty sad, right?

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Thanks so much for all the info.
My Bravos is working and will try to sell it on CL someday or may just wait until it needs repairing and then I will buy a new one that has free haul away!
Thanks again and I am going online to be curious and find a Speed Queen dealer.

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I believe that covers all the conventional top loaders on the market today! There are only 4 left - pretty sad, right? Fisher & Paykel has one agitator model in their revamped line-up. A full-fill agitated rinse is an option on all cycles, and the Allergy cycle has a full hot wash and spin-sprays with two full rinses. It's rated 22 lbs capacity and max spin is 1,100 RPM.


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I have researched the dickens out of this, and Speed Queen is the way to go. You will pay for it up front, no question. But you won't pay for it in the end. Everyone I know with the standard laundry machines you find in all the regular stores practically keeps a guest room ready for the appliance repair man. I honestly don't know anyone who is happy with their current washer and dryer. Not anyone. I don't claim that happy customers don't exist, but I have a lot of friends and a big family, so just sayin' . . .

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