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poodle_legAugust 22, 2010

Hi Everyone:

Long time reader of this forum... great place to find information.

I just purchased another home and am looking to get a new washer / dryer.

I've owned Miele for quite a few years. I currently own a W1119 and T1302. They have both been great although the dryer doesn't get much use.

Since the new place needs quite a bit of updating, I'm not very keen on spending $2000 on a W3033. I've been searching locally for a W1113 or W1213 floor unit with no luck. However, I've found a few dryers for decent prices.

So I've decided to look at the ASKO and BOSCH units. We have a daughter now, so I'm not against one with large capacity. From what I have read here on the forum, all three Miele, ASKO and BOSCH wash clothes extremely well. Just a few questions for you guys/gals:

1) ASKO XXL - some floor models were on sale. Nice looking however, read that they are not great (noisey). Void? Anyone have these units?

2) ASKO W6222 - My mother had something similar many years ago. Washed clothes great...fell apart in 6 years. How are these current models in terms of reliability? How are the matching dryers?

3) BOSCH - I've seen the Axxis and new Visions at Sears. I like the fact I can get this brand at Sears however, are these (Vision) repackaged LG or Samsung units?

4) Anyone know of a floor model Miele washer for sale? :)

5) General advice?

I've just been very happy with Miele and hate to switch over to a problem.

Thanks in advance!


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Can't tell you much about the Asko's we stopped doing their service about 10 years ago.
The Bosch Axxis models are built in Europe and the Bosch Vision are built in North Carolina. All come out of Bosch plants.
Mieles are nice but the service parts seem to be more expensive than the Bosch

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I have a Bosch Axxis pair 1 y.o. and a Asko pair 6 y.o.

Very difficult for me to choose between them and both do a great job. No repairs or difficulty on either. But they work in very different ways.

Bosch has more capacity. Wash cycles have names and I had to track down the wash temps for those. The hottest on the Bosch appears to be around 160 F. Downside is the folded gasket which I wipe out manually so it gets dry.

Asko has a smaller tub. Wash cycles can be custom set for specific temp up to 205 (which is nearly boiling) and for normal, normal+ or heavy load settings to adjust wash times (Bosch timing is preset with cycle).

Asko doesn't have a folded gasket but it's black (should be white or gray - perhaps they've changed it) and I once got a black mark on a quilt I stuffed in there that got caught in the door. A queen-size quilted PB quilt f.ex. is a squeeze. It won't take a king quilt.

Can't say you'd go wrong with either -- it's a choice of needs and how you like to wash. Overall though, the Bosch may nose out for the larger tub and it's slightly quieter (though neither is loud). But I love that ability to set water at a hot temp for kitchen cleaning cloths etc. For someone with a baby or little ones, Asko's ideal as a germ zapper as long as you don't mind more loads.

We're a family of 2 but we send out very little. I tend to wash sweaters vs dry clean since they turn out beautifully in either.

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The smaller capacity Euro-style Askos such as the W6222 require 220V electrical service and can heat water to near boiling temps. However, the Asko XXL is a US-style 110V machine which will heat the water into the 140-150 range. It's also supposedly built by LG or another Korean company and is not built to the higher standards Asko would lead you to believe. I have a W6761 and matching dryer, and those are true Swedish Asko units that perform admirably.

I don't think you can go wrong with Bosch, especially if you are looking for something with a higher capacity.

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I recently (about a month ago) bought my Bosch Vision 500 set and I can tell you with certainty (and from the loads of research I did) that they are not made by Samsung or LG or anyone else. They are assembled in the US with German made parts as far as I know. I'm happy with mine.

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Be aware that if you are familiar with Miele tank-built quality, you will be disappointed by Bosch

Bosch and Siemens are no more the Miele-like tank built machines they were in the eighties

Spot key differences between an Axxis or a Nexxt and whatever Miele : Bosch has plastic baffles in the drum and plastic doorframe, while Miele uses stainless steel. I haven't ever seen a Vision, anyway I guess it is not better built than german made Axxis

I don't mean Bosch are bad performers, I just want to point out you can't expect a 20 years lifespan like a Miele

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The Asko XXL is very, very noisy. I purshased a set last year based on the Asko name. Within a few days, I exchanged it for an LG set. So much better. The Asko made a loud, grinding sound through all cycles. I could hear it outside my condo front door and downstairs in the hallway under my unit. This is not a problem with my LG.

The Asko seemed to wash OK, and the matching dryer was quite nice. But I would only consider the XXL if I had a distant laundry room, like in a basement. Even then, I'm not sure it would be worth it as I don't know the longevity. I do know Consumer Reports had it listed at the very bottom of their rankings.

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One tech posted on-line that the Asko XXL is made by Daewoo.

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I have the pair of Asko W6222/T712.

Flawless performance from both without ANY issues for 4 years and counting.

Very pleased with my choice, although I was restricted to 220V (only) machines (no 120V outlet), and limited space, so that meant these Askos or the Bosch Axxess (or Nexxt? - whichever the smaller one is/was).

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