Compressor Start Capacitor Question

sniffdogDecember 16, 2011

I want to purchase spare parts for my Econar Geosource 2000 GSHP because of recurring failures (all different) and a long wait time to find replacements.

One of the items I am having trouble finding is a Compressor Start Capacitor that exactly matches the specs that are on the current (working) part.

The Econar unit I have is a 5 ton vertical unit with a scroll compressor.

The CSC has the following notes on the can:

60 UF, 370V

40/070/21 P25H



it is a round can

I found on two Dayton CSC's that are close but not exact. Can I use one of these as a replacement - or do I have to match the original exactly?

Dayton 2MEL2: 53-64MFD, 330V

Dayton 2MEL3: 64-77MFD, 330V

I wonder why the original part only has 1 capacitance rating while most of the parts I am finding have a range. Also - what is the signficinace of the 370V rating on the original vs. the 330V rating on the Dayton parts. Can you exaplain why that is?

If I can't use the Dayton parts, can you point me to a source where I can find the CSC that I need?


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First off if you go to any corner store you can get a "can" of beer and sit in front of your unit and pound it and your chances of fixing it will remain exactly the same as if you bought a "can" of capacitance and hooked it up. From now on I want you to quit pretending you know how to work on an air conditioner by asking irrelevant questions and go back to your sales cubicle where you obviously have too much time on your hands.

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I found this capacitor on the Grainger site. It looks like it is a good replacement for what you need. It does not matter that is says "run capacitor". The application determines whether it is a run or start capacitor, not the device itself.

I am not a capacitor expert, but I think the 370V AC rating refers to the maximum allowed peak to peak voltage. If the nomial voltage is 240v AC RMS, then the peak voltage would be about 340v. There is a safety margin in case voltage rises about 240v. If is safe to go higher in voltage rating, but not lower.

Here is a link that might be useful: Run Capacitor, 60 MFD, 370 VAC, Round

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I think that he is looking for the run cap for the compressor not a run capacitor. Does the unit have a start kit on it?

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Thanks very much for the info - I think that is a good match.

I have had several components go out on this unit and everytime the HVAC company comes to fix it I have had long delays in waiting for parts. I just want spares so i don't have to wait for days (sometimes weeks) to get heat.

I have a spare fan, fan relay, fan capacitor. On my list is a magnetic starter switch for the compressor, the starter capacitor and then finally the main computer board itself.

Thanks for the help.

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Theoretically, you need a capacitor in line for an AC motor to start and run. Usually the values for start and run are different, with start being the larger (and run can be very small). Sometimes the two capacitors are put into the same 'can'. In that case, there will be multiple terminals and two values listed, one larger than the other.

For capacitance values it is ok to be 'in the neighborhood', like 10% or there abouts. For voltage, it should never be less than the stated value on the original.

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