this dinosaur is buying a washer, help!

pamelahAugust 16, 2010

In my 57 years have never owned an automated washer. I am used to selecting the water level, water temp, and cycle. Also, I have old fashioned ways of handling my washables and I use my top load washer for dyeing (where filling the tub to the desired level before adding fabric is a necessity).

So, after thinking the Cabrio would be the washer for my new house, I read the owner's manual. If I understood it correctly there is no way to specify water level, nor will you get a tub of water without having loaded the machine and letting it "sense" how much water to use. Is this right? Please chime in and let me know if you have been able to over ride the built in intelligence of this machine so you could control water fill level without loading the machine, and if you can control aggitation time.


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With a Speed Queen top-loader, you could keep doing things the way you like.

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Hello pamelah,
I have to be honest I have not used any of the new energy efficient top loaders but from what I understand water level is controlled automatically on the majority of them. You will cringe when you see how low water levels are. These machines rely heavily on showering the load from the top to initially saturate the load. I donÂt think these would be ideal for dyeing and I wouldnÂt mess with them. Front loaders really are the best, hands down. If you donÂt want a front loader I think I would go with a Speed Queen. I have heard they make a great washer and from what I see on this link you can select the water levels, old school style. May be just what you want, quality and old school operation. Hope this helps

Here is a link that might be useful: Speed Queen (Variable Water Level Selector)

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Have you considered two washers? I actually have an old washer that I use for dyeing/felting/all things crafty....

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With perhaps just a few exceptions, HE toploaders by nature automatically control the water level (as do all frontloaders). Dyeing is not recommended in HE toploaders, and very likely wouldn't work even if attempted.

There are other brands/models of "traditional" agitator machines that have manual water level control, Speed Queen isn't the only one.

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Thanks everyone! I was not familiar with a Speed Queen. Looks like a workhorse, and I like the stainless steel tub. I used the dealer search function on the SQ website. It shows that the closest dealer to me is 45 miles away! That's odd considering I live in a tri-county area with a population of 7 million. Will have to work on that issue some more or do a mail order thing (not my preference).

Dadoes: I will also investigate other traditional top loaders.

Badgergrrl: Yes, I have considered 2 washers. There's a little portable Haier that I've been looking at, but I was hoping to avoid the hassle and space issues associated w/ 2 machines when I a really need is a machine that will do it all.

So, the jury is still out, but you guys have helped me tremendously by confirming my conclusion about water fill control, and by suggesting alternate brands.

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I suggested SQ because it's the only one that doesn't suffer from dumbed-down temperatures, AFAIK.

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