Zum Clean Laundry detergent.... fantastic!!

rudin1969August 24, 2010

I've just tried Zum Clean laundry detergent (the same company that makes the fabulous soap) and it's love at first sight :).

What I like about it:

- low sudsing.... really!!

- fantastic fragrances (essential oils - Eucalyptus Citrus, Sweet Orange, lavender, Patchouli, Frankincense Myrrh). It's probably the only detergent I've found with natural fragrances that ACTUALLY linger (in spite of my extra hard water)

- no need for fabric softener

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Where do you buy this? I've never heard of it.

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This is the link to the website

Here is a link that might be useful: Indigo Wild - Zum clean

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How long have you been using it?

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Does not look like I can get this to Canada ... or at least cost effectively ... too bad ... I love a nice lavender detergent.

I am happy with Vaska but even more lavender lingering would be nice.

Has anyone seen or tried these Farmhouse products from Sweet Grass Farm? A local shop has them and I'm tempted ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Farmhouse detergent

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Stay away from those boutique detergents. Although I haven't tried this brand, I did try some Le Blanc products that are similarly advertised. Worst product I've ever used. They are so overly perfumed it's ridiculous. It's like strapping an air freshener around your neck.

My opinion is to stick with more commercial brands from companies who put real research into their detergent formulations. If you want a nice, fresh scent that lingers and is also natural, consider adding a little bit of essential oil to a washcloth and throwing it into a load of dry laundry on "air dry" no heat mode for 10-15 minutes.

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sshrivastava, I fear you are probably right ... still haven't tried the air dry thing with essential oil but I will :)

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These garage brands always indicate the half-usage rule for a front-load or HE machine. My experience with that is always a fail.

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I asked earlier how long the OP has been using the product, but nobody responded to me. I think it's important that a product be used multiple times and for an extended period of time before being recommended to others. If a detergent has issues, you may not see it after one or two washes. A lot of people recommended Charlie's Soap after just a few washes, but then over time and a few months realized that their whites were coming out dull and dingy.

It's exciting to try a new product, and often the thrill of trying something new may cause you to think you're seeing something that isn't there. It's not unlike upgrading the OS on your computer. Most people will immediately think that certain operations on their computer feel "snappier" when, in fact, it's just a figment of their imagination. I'm not saying that's the case here, but let's follow up in a month or so and see if the OP is still as thrilled with this detergent.

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Admittedly, I've been using ZUM clean laundry only for a couple of weeks... and I AM prone to going overboard when it comes to new detergents :)

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rudin1969, how is the Zum Clean working out for you? It's been a couple of months so I'm curious.

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Hi sshrivastava,
I'm really happy with it. Granted, my laundry is never too dirty .... I was expecting the usual tons of suds (see Vaska or the Laundress), and yet it's genuinely low-sudsing, clothes come out soft and fragrances (there are two new ones: Patchouli and Rosemary Mint) are actually long-lasting (without being overpowering).

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rudin1969, I was thinking of trying this now (I can get it from Drugstore.com now). I really love a good lavender that will last.

It concerns me that this is a real "soap" product. Doesn't soap react badly with hard water?

Anyone have any insight on this from a "chemistry" point of view?

How is it still working for you?


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Hi there Livebetter!
I'm still enjoying my ZUM laundry.... I have hard water, but no problems whatsoever... Again, my laundry is never too dirty (no children etc).
I've just discovered (bad case of laundry detergent addiction) these new 'lines' of 'yummy' detergents (the 'everyday laundry' versions of 'cloth diaper detergents'). Nearly 100 yummy scents....
Crunchy clean
Clean B
Clean b

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I ordered the Indigo Wild catalog and I want so much of their stuff! I have heard a lot of good things about them so I may try some stuff. I am a powder user for my FL's but some of their other products look appealing

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I can't find an ingredients list for this product, but I suspect that from all of the safety and environmental claims that it's nothing more than washing soda. If true, that puts this product at the same basic level as Country Save and Charlie's Soap. Neither of those products worked for me, and over time caused my whites to appear dingy in soft water conditions.

My general advice is to beware of these seemingly miraculous cleaning products claiming to be effective, vegan, natural, etc. Most of what you read is marketing hype. Granted, these products may work for you if you don't have really dirty clothes. My experience with these types of products leaves a lot to be desired.

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Which product? Zum?

Saponified 100% coconut oil, sodium borate, sodium bicarbonate, pure essential oils and vegetable glycerin.

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