Check your coin trap!

kaismomAugust 13, 2011

My 11 year old Asko was acting funny and not completing its cycles. The clothes were wet and did not get to full spin speed. I am not wanting to spend a few thousand $ for a new set of W/D right now.

My husband said, is it draining? I said I don't know. But I remembered that I had NOT cleaned out the coin trap in a "few years". Life happens, as you all know.

I opened up the coin trap. There was enough for my kids to get junk food from vending machines that they are not allowed to get. Cleaned that out and the machine is A okay now.

The moral of the story: check your coin trap more often than I did. It may save you from having to get a new set of W/D.


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@ kaismom

This reminds me of someone who posted a few years ago. He said that his Asko dryer wasn't drying his clothes - everything was coming out damp and his unit kept shutting down. He was ranting about Ako's terrible quality... but when I asked him if he ever bothered to clean out his lint filter, he fell oddly silent. Sometimes it is user error and the solution is right in front of you.

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@sshrivastava - I know someone whose dryer started taking hours to dry clothes. She was moaning that they'd have to buy a new dryer. Lint filter always cleaned out. I asked if they had ever cleaned out that vent duct to the outside. Nope, never. They cleaned it and dryer was fine.

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Another thing with the dryer is to remember to wash the lint filter in addition to just taking the lint out. They like to gum up over time between synthetic materials and dryer sheets. I try to remember to do mine every few months or so with dish soap and a scrub brush just to be sure.

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