Yucky Wormy Bugs on Clothes HELP

kataiAugust 29, 2012

Okay. So I was cleaning out the garage (also where I do laundry). I've been having a fly problem so I wanted to et stuff outta there. Started to do laundry. I picked up a shirt and there were these black wormy like bugs on them. NOT bed bugs. I checked pictures.

There were like little grains of "sand" all over on some pieces of clothing and then the wormy thingies on the other. They seem to shed their skin. I'm completely grossed out. I tossed everything in hot water setting in the washer and set it on a long wash. The clothes I washed regularly SEEM bug free but I wanna know if anyone else has had this issue. IT seemed to be laundry that had been there a while.


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I forgot to mention they're black and white. Not very hairy.

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No experience with these but usually you freeze a textile if you suspect an infestation and then clean it.

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Alright I bagged up half the items in plastic bags and they're in the freezer. How long do they have to stay in there?

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I haven't seen any termites. Its only the clothes that were in the garage a long time. Husband thinks I'm nuts for putting all that clothing in the freezer. lol

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Sound like clothes moths. Those worms are the larva which will eat holes in your clothes. They like dark conditions and eat natural fibers like cotton, wool and silk.

Don't ask how I know.


Here is a link that might be useful: Yucky Worms

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If you had a lot of flies there it sounds like maggots.

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They didn't look like maggots

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OP, you could put a couple of the 'wormy bugs' in a zipper plastic bag and take it to a local county extension agent, who could most likely identify them and tell you how to get rid of them. Hope this helps!

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You could also take the wormy things into any local exterminator office and ask if they could identify them for you.

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Or maybe a garden center, plant nursery would know.

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As Jane said, they're textile moths. The larve look like little worms and when they eat your clothes, woolens, etc., they leave behind a sandy like residue.

Sadly after having two severe infestations this year, I've learned a lot more about them than I want to.

If the clothes aren't eaten too bad and you want to save them, take them outside and shake them very well...brush them down if you can. If they're washable, you can throw them in the wash. The washing and dryer will kill all of the larve.

Dry cleaning will kill the larve as well.

If you want to make sure things are absolutely dead before you do this step, you can use dry ice to make a CO2 gas chamber for them. Google "dry ice for moth infestation" to find the instructions. I've done it and it's very easy.

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I THINK they;'re carpet bugs. They're black and white. More black than white actually. They're kind of fuzzy lookin too. The washed seemed to kill em. I pulled anything off the floor they could eat. vaccumed like crazy and alls well. They seem to be comin out more (looking for food?) I just squish or vacuum them up. I haven't seen an adult yet, just the occasional larve here or there. Clothes do have holes in them. I haven't seen any moths whatsoever

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Yes it seems like they are carpet bugs. I noticed when I haven't swept in a while the larve come out more. While I keep the floors clean they're pretty much non-exsistant. Any ideas on how to get rid of them?

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