Vaska as good as Persil

czechchick2August 10, 2010

I could never imagine myself saying this but after using three jugs of Vaska, I think it is safe to say that Vaska is as good or maybe better than Persil.

First of all, we have hard water and persil was the only one magic that kept our whites white and I used boiling and sanitary loads only. Now with Vaska I wash whites on sanitary only instead of boil out and everything else on hot instead of sanitary and the results are superb! I even scalled back on couple of rinsing too.

The other thing I noticed, my little old euro washer had some rust under the boot and that is almost gone now too! Just clean metal.

I let my friend use some and she is totaly sold on it too.

I do prewash on every load and put all detergent inside the drum. Don't care for the softener. It is nice but I have the dryer Bounce bar in my dryer and I'm very happy with it.

The dosage that works for me is - one capfull for load 4.00 washer and 1/2 for 1.75 washer. I also use the oxy bleach on every load 1/2 cupfull in big machine, 1/4 in little one. Extra rinse.

On prewash I use half of the amount.

Our laundry is smelling great, whites are white and some even whiter. Darks don't fade even thou I use sanitary cycles. I am really surprised but very happy.

On one of my friends visit I rinsed my hands in the kitchen and noticed her little towel had that musty odor. I didn't want to say it to her so I asked how big is her washer compare to mine- we both have LG. She started to say how she starting to hate the washer b/c her laundry starting to smell. I asked if I could take a look.

She had slight grey color sludge build up in the boot and under with some dog hair in it and it smelled little moldy. I found out she only used cold or warm water and speed cycles.

After talking to her, trying explain what to do, now she is using sanitary on whites and hot cycles and extra rinse.

Her washer got better and the smell was gone.

Before the first load I told her to spray mildew bathroom cleaner on the booth and let it sit. Than doing loads of towels and washing them and rewashing on sanitary and extra short wash for good rinse cleaned the smell out of the towels. She told me her washer is clean now after about a week.

She was thanking me saying she had no idea that FL is so tricky.

This is second case of smelly washer I had chance to help with.

This friend of mine now got her neighbor using Vaska and her daughter and friend too.

I hope that the results of using Vaska long term will be as good as they are now. Vaska is saving me lots of money too.

And one more thing. Vaska did not cause any problem w/ my bf's dermatitis. So I think it's fine for people w/ skin problems too, just remember- rinse it good!

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I really like Vaska, too. I have been using it on my whites, along with the Vaska oxygen bleach, and getting tremendous results. This is the best my whites have looked, ever - even when I was using much harsher products like Tide and Tide Stain Release.

The only thing I've found that Vaska doesn't work well on is oil stains on cotton. It does a great job on really dirty clothes, but if they are oily it will leave an oil stain.

Overall, I love the Vaska and am using it for all of my laundry except for things with oil stains on them. I love how soft it leaves everything, and I really love the very faint lavender smell.

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I also like Vaska a lot, so I'm glad to hear that you think it works as well as Persil. Vaska is significantly cheaper, available at the grocery store where I shop, and smells better to me.

I've only been using both Persil and Vaska for a few weeks, since I came here to research washing machines, only to discover there was a LOT about washing clothes that I was doing wrong. My plan was to use Persil on deeply stained clothes and my white sheets (along w/ Vaksa oxybleach) and use Vaska for everything else.

If I could just use Vaksa products on everything that would certainly simplify life!

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I work in the restaurant and agree w/ the greesy stains but what I do, before I put my stained laundry in washer, I put some of the detergent right on ths greese for about 1/2 hour. Then I run prewash with extra oxybleach vaska and hot water in the wash. It seems to work. My work clothes are all black so the stains are not as noticable but the extra soap works for me.

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I was wondering if you (czechchick2) tried the Vaska. I remember a post where you said you might. Glad you like it. It should be very gentle for those with sensitive skin.

marie Louise, you may want to try Vaska for your sheets.

"The companyÂs high-performance Herbatergent is used in industrial laundries such as Royal Laundry in the San Francisco Bay Area, laundering linens for the top 150 hotels in the Bay Area, including the Joie de Vivre group, Kimpton Hotels, the Fairmont, the Ritz Carleton, and other top hotel chains who want to offer their clientele extra fresh linens, while preserving them from chemical damage."

Vaska will also be much gentler to fabrics than Persil.

As for greasy stains - if I can see it before it's washed I squirt a very little bit of Method Smartclean unscented on the spot and rub in. This appears to remove most stains for me (even the greasy ones).

I do use the new Method too - just not for everything. All my sheets, towels, delicates and darks get Vaska (for now).

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I should mention, the Vaska oxybleach is wicked on cleaning floors too.

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czechchick2, can you elaborate on the floor cleaning? What kind of floor? What do you do?

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Tiles and vinyl. 1/2 cupfull in small bucket, rinse after.
Me and my friend are trying to see what else will Vaska clean. I think it would work great in carpet machine w/clean rinse after.I don't think I will bother w/carpet thoo,we are going to replace it next month with laminate.

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