Cleaning moldy F & P GWL 11 washer

lisa_keyesAugust 7, 2010

I need to clean my 5 yr old washer suspecting that I have mold buildup hidden below the stainless tub like what Michael Moore's picture show. (Thanks for the pictures and informative posts. I dread what I'll find, but can't stand the smell any longer.)

1. Could you re-post the diagram on how to drain the water? The link is no longer active.

2. Once I have the tub removed is there anything in the white plastic area below that I could damage while cleaning?

Thanks, Lisa

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Assuming you're referring to running the pump to drain water from the tub while/after cleaning it:
1. Initiate Diagnostic Mode. With the power off, press and hold Wash Temp Down, then press Power at the same time. Should get two beeps and the panel comes on.
2. Press the Regular cycle button to turn the pump on (or off).
3. Press Power to exit Diagnostics when done, or unplug the machine.

Regards to damage, nothing in that area is particularly fragile, but I'd suggest not getting overly aggressive around the drive shaft seal. Clean there with a cloth or a soft brush.

Note also that hearing water slosh inside the basket is normal. There are sealed, water-filled balance rings at top and bottom of it. DO NOT attempt to drill holes there for draining the water, you'd ruin the basket and have to replace it.

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Success! Thanks for the help dadoes. Found some mold in the white plastic area but not as much as expected. The bottom part of the stainless tub that sets in the white outer tub is where I had the worst accumulation. Yuck! That's where the moldy smell was coming from. I had noticed the smell on and off for the past 2.5 years and now remember that's when I switched to liquid detergent. (Luckily the smell was never transferred to the laundry.) I've read all the suggestions and have changed to powder detergent and will run some permanent press loads to prevent more buildup. I'm so happy this issue is resolved. Thanks, Lisa

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I use liquid HE Tide in my FL and I am having a real battle with odor. Now that you've switched to powdered detergent has your machine's odor problem gone away? What detergent do you use? Do your whites get white?

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