What happens to a gas furnace during a power outage?

bark2December 2, 2012

Last winter we had a bad wind storm and it knocked out power to our area. It also knocked out our furnace and I could not get it restarted, so I had to call in a serviceman to do that. I am afraid that this will happen again.

My question is: What happens to a gas furnace during a power outage? Does it shut down automatically? I know that without electricity the blower and electric gas ignition will not function. I have a 12 year old Lennox furnace and it seems to be working properly except for this time when it seemed to shut down when the power went out, and I could not restart it. I followed all the steps on the panel instructions, so I am not sure why I could not get it going. Is there someting about a power outage during a strong wind storm which can affect these types of furnaces so that they are difficult to restart?

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If power is lost while the furnace is operating, the gas valve's safety feature will stop the gas flow. When the power returns the furnace should start up. It is possible the electronic control in the furnace may have to be reset. You may have to "reboot" your furnace.

Does the thermostat have a back up battery? If not, then the thermostat could be causing the problem if it has come up in a weird state.

Did the service tech explain to you what he had to do to restart the furnace?

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