Looking for Tide Kick-type Detergent Dispenser

bytewenchAugust 19, 2007

I have a front loader washing machine and I use Tide HE liquid

detergent. I used to fill a Tide Kick dispenser and put it on top of

the load so it would release the detergent into the tub, but recently

the dispenser was damaged and I can't use it any longer.

I don't want to put the liquid in the bottom of the tub before I add

the clothes or pour it on top of the clothes. I'd like to put it into

a dispenser that would release it into the tub.

I've searched and searched on the internet and can't find anything to

use for this and Tide has discontinued their Tide Kick promotion and i

can't seem to find them anywhere. Does anyone know of a product I

could use?



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IIRC Downey used to have a softener dispenser ball for using fabric softener in T/L washers. If you could get your hands on a downey ball you could use that as a detergent dispenser "in wash"??

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The Downey ball won't work. It only dispenses once the rinse cycle starts.

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Hi Bytewench, I have a new Tide Kick despenser still in the wrapper that I don't use. If you are intrested I could arrange to send it to you.

my e-mail address is jbent31@aol.com

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A Downy ball would work if the stopper is completely removed.

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Since the downy ball is top heavy even without the stopper, it will immediately flip upside down and dump its load. I fail to see how using a downey ball in this fashion is any different than adding detergent directly to the machine.

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The Downey ball added softener at the beginning of the rinse cycle because the centrifugal force of the after-wash spin (in a Top Loader) caused the stopper to open and release the softener. I donÂt think a Downey ball will work to release detergent into the wash cycle of a front loader.

I put detergent (or other laundry powders/liquids) right into the drum of my FridGEmore before I load the clothes. The video that came with my machine explained that you can "load" laundry products for the wash cycle this way.


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I think a downy ball with the stopper removed will be very similar to a tide kick, though it won't have the pretreating capabilities. The kick is open on the top anyway, so as soon as the washer starts to tumble the detergent can be released.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tide Kick only $1 (plus shipping)

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Bytewench - have you tried just using the cap of the liquid detergent? This will probably be the easiest and most convenient way, at least for the time being. I've done it before in place of dispenser balls and not had any problems.


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Does your washer not have a dispenser for detergent?

When using the Tide Kick, when you put it on top of the clothes the minute you start the washer it spills out all over your dry clothes before the machine has time to get the clothes wet, so I see little difference in that and just pouring it on them. If this is the method you like best then I would just order one of those for a dollar.

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Dear Bytewench, If you're still looking for a Tide kick-type detergent dispenser, I have one that I'm not using.

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Please if anyone has the Tide kick-type detergent dispenser, please I need it Urgently,thanks in advance.

Francisco Zurita
54 Vernon St.
San Francisco,CA 94132

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I have you try ebay?
Someone may sell there?

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Aaugh!!! My kids threw away my tide kick ball....anyone have an extra or know where to get one. This is absolutely depressing...please let me know if you have a lead on one. @
Thanks to all

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Wow, I didn't know so many people used the Kick!!

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