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barb_roselover_inJune 3, 2012

After watching many of the cooking shows, I had the brilliant notion to cut several of my herbs, mix them with chopped-up cherry tomatoes and freeze in small containers to add to a salad when I wanted one. I used parsley, basil leaves, oregano and dill fresh herbs. I also added some rice vinegar to the chopped cherry tomatoes. Something wrong in my head because I had the distinct feeling of eating grass. What did I do wrong? Set me straight, someone. I seem to do the darndest things. Thanks, saviours. You have saved my hide many times. Barb

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Well.....frozen cherry tomatoes are watery when thawed.....herbs are best fresh or dried.
Not sure why it tasted like grass, unless you had some grass in the mix, but fresh herbs won't hold the flavor when frozen.
I can't think why you would do that in the summer when there are abundant herbs and tomatoes???
If you are really bent on freezing some herbs....chop them pack into a small container and cover with olive oil.....then scrape a bit off when you want it.
As for freezing cherry tomatoes?....don't....they will be soft and watery when thawed.
It's summer....use fresh!
Linda C

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Gosh -- I would NEVER freeze cherry tomatoes. They don't freeze well and actually, I don't freeze herbs either preferring in winter, to either have pots on my window sill or buy fresh ones at the grocery store (and if the winter is mild, I can still cut from my garden).

Herbs are best FRESH -- they aren't as good dried and the only way I freeze them is to make herbal butter (take an herb and mix into softened butter, reform into a log and freeze) but I use just one herb per stick. Then when you want some herbs, you can cut off a pat and put on a steak or on freshly cooked pasta or a vegetable.


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I agree, I wouldn't freeze cherry tomatoes, but I often freeze herbs.

I throw them in the food processor with a bit of olive oil and process to a puree, them freeze them in "plops" on a cookie sheet. After they are frozen, I package them in containers. However, I only freeze a single herb at a time, not a mixture.

I think maybe you just used too many herbs. I made some bean dip today with garlic scapes and Elery described the flavor as "green". I do get the feeling I'm grazing sometimes when I get heavy handed with the fresh herbs, so I think that might have been the problem.


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I freeze dill in ziploc bags and there's plenty of flavour; I much prefer it over dried. Although I wouldn't use it in a leafy salad, it is fine in soups and things like potato/salmon salad. Parsley is alright frozen too.

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My friend's son is always begging me to make him "tomatoes with grass"- cherry tomatoes stuffed with green onion dip and dill (the dill being the grass.) I suppose I can see how dill could taste a bit grassy. I freeze herbs often- no sense in wasting what won't be used immediately- but I've never tried freezing dill, so I can't speak for that. I do agree that tomatoes are best fresh. But you are experimenting- that's fun! Food is meant to be fun.

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Though tomatoes DO freeze well... they'll NEVER be like fresh unfortunately??

The last time I was able to actually grow thing IN the ground... before the critters took over... had "trees" of basil right off my deck. My sister gave me a tip for freezing it. Again, it will NOT be like fresh. She partially processes it into a pesto of sorts. Processes the leaves with a little good olive oil... then freezes in ice cube trays. They never get rock hard like ice cubes, but will pop out and into freezer bag or container... nice to plop into a soup for a nice fresh taste. If she wants to complete the pesto, she'll do a few cubes,the cheese and nuts (walnuts work ok, if ya don't have pine nuts) and briefly whirl around in food processor later.

Pretty sure you can just chop/process and freeze without any oil, but seem to remember needing water so leaves don't turn black??

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