Are these safe or should I toss them?

calilooJune 29, 2012

In my frenzy of trying to prep for the lunch gathering tomorrow and goofing off hanging with neighbors at a block party... I managed to boil the eggs and forget them on the counter (covered in the boiling water) for almost 3 hours. Can I still make deviled eggs from them in the morning or should I toss them and start over?

The water was AC room temp cold by the time I discovered them.

Of course, I appreciate any advice while I sit here feeling stupid.


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I have hard boiled eggs and left them to cool for a few hours. They will be fine.

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I wouldn't give it a thought....they are fine.
But I would consider that in the total time allowed for food to be unrefrigeratered....
In other words.....don't save the leftovers....and keep the completed eggs cold!
BUT....they likely won't peel easily.....
They are eggs....boiled and heated to a safe temp and un peeled....not much chance to intorduce bacteria.

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Thanks! I am going to peel and halve them in the morning and make the filling in a plastic freezer bag. All components will be carried up in a cooler (on ice) and I will fill a dozen at a time as needed. Easier than trying to transport 72 already assembled devlied eggs LOLOLOL!


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Peel them tonight....I think the peel won't slip off easily and best to discover that tonight than in the AM....

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I wouldn't worry either especially considering how many people make eggs for Easter and leave them out for days. (I don't eat them but a lot of people do!) A few hours isn't much different than them being served at a dinner party.

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Like the others I think they are AOK and wouldn't worry a bit. I was astounded that in France they don't refrigerate eggs or milk at the grocery stores. They are on regular shelves. Same in Italy.

Good luck today , hope all goes well!

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Thanks everyone! And except for a couple of stubborn ones, they peeled just fine. And I did leave the filling in a freezer zip bag with the empty whites layered in a tupperware bowl (with everything well chilled) and they were fine. We put out a dozen and a time and filled them as we went and they disappeared quickly! No leftovers!

Thanks again for the help!


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