Freon Loss and Icing on Compressor Suction Line

2000milerDecember 16, 2011

I have a Trane XE-1200, 3 ton compressor with R-22. The nameplate on the unit says the charge is 8 lbs. 12 oz. Does this charge include charge for the cooling coil?

This system has had a small slow leak in it since before 2005, which has resulted in the suction line icing up three times during the period. The times between the three refills has been 2.77 years and 2.79 years.

How much R-22 can leak from this system before the suction line ices up?

An Air Conditioning repair company has been unable to find the leak each of the three times and simply added R-22. They billed me for 7 lbs., 10 lbs., and 10 lbs. for these three times, which seems excessive since I would think that the total system charge was about 10 lbs. and the system appeared to be operating properly immediately before it iced up each time.

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Time for you to find the leak. You need to have someone add some u.v. dye with the r-22 and next time it leaks out the leak will be pretty easy to locate. the data plate on a/c unit is for 15 ft of line set and the correct matching coil. If you have a long line set you could need more. the amount of r-22 they said they added seems a little high but i hate to comment with out knowing the situation.

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Yea your unit holds ten pounds of freon after only being low enough to ice your coil? If you believe that I got some swampland for you in New York city. I am not afraid to call that dude a liar if he said he put ten pounds in your system. Next time make him weigh it in using his scale. The freon game is a common income booster for most ac companies. In reality your system probably only needed three or four pounds.

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Thanks for answering my questions.

I've never seen them weigh the freon. They just emerge from the truck with a 30# container, charge the system, and then return the container to the truck. I just assumed they weighed it in the truck but I'm probably naive. Next time I'll ask them to weigh it before and after in front of me.

No one has ever offered to add u.v. dye to the refrigerant to find the leak and I never pressed them on this. I found on one of the Internet sites that 70% of the time the leak is in the cooling coil and since the cost of replacing a cooling coil is probably over $1,000, although I haven't gotten an estimate. I don't know if this is cost effective, considering that I have a contractor estimate to replace the compressor and cooling coil with new R-410A units for $2,100 (Goodman) or $2,600 (Trane).

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probably time to do that then....( change the equipment). because between the time they fill it and the time you notice there is a problem, the unit is running longer and costing you more money because of the loss of r-22. just something to think about......

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There is only one reason a coil freezes, low evaporation temperature. There are several causes of low evaporator temperature. First and most common is low air flow through the system. Mostly dirty filters or indoor fan motor not working correctly. Low Freon can also cause a coil to freeze. Third and least common is a restriction in the refrigeration circuit. The ac has the charge amount and type on the Data plate.In each case the symptoms are similar and require a trained professional to tell the difference. The technition absolutely must see the inside unit for a proper diagnosis.

Here is a link that might be useful: Corbett Cooling

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