Carrier Programmable Thermostat, not working?

ducky22December 21, 2011

Lately we are having issues with our thermostat. I have tried programming the 7 day schedule with every set time set at 75 Heat. However, when the time rolls around, the thermostat does not kick off. I can't even heat the house on demand by the so called "Hold" function.

My thermostat looks like this one.

Right now the temp is 60. To the right of this current temp number, I set my desired heat temp to 75. Then I had the Mode as "Heat" the Fan as "Auto" and I pressed the HOLD button to turn it on. NOTHING. Am I delirious and doing something wrong or are we possibly experiencing a malfunctioning thermostat?

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Let's see. The temperature is 60 degrees and you push "Hold." And that tells the thermostat to maintain 60 degrees... which means it does not need to heat anything.

sounds right to me.

Don't push the Hold button. If the house is sitting at 60 degrees and you have the programmed temperature at 75 degrees the furnace should run to heat the home.

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If not you have a faulty t-stat. In my opinion programmable t-stats are a pain in the rump not worth the hassle.

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could be a bad tstat but you could also have something wrong with your heating system itself. does the fan come on when you put the fan to on? does the a/c work? Homeowner always thinks it is a bad tstat but only about 30% of the time it is.

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I have the same Carrier 'stat for 6 years, and there have been four of them for years longer than that where I work. No trouble thus far with any.

If the room temp is 60, and you're HOLDing with a heat setpoint of 75F then of course the system should heat.

If you have all four periods of all seven days set at 75F, then there shouldn't be any waiting for the "time to roll around" ... all the periods are the same so any day-and-period at any point in time should maintain 75F.

However, be sure you are SETTING the HEAT temp ... the heat temp SETPOINT is not the same as setting heat MODE. When in program mode, the lower-left button switches between setting COOL temp, HEAT temp, and target TIME.

HOLD overrides the programming for manual adjustment of the temp, until Hold is disengaged. Your choice, but there's no need to use Hold if you have all the days/periods programmed for the same temp.

Note that if HOLD is not engaged, manually adjusting the temp setpoint up or down will TEMPORARILY override the programmed temp, until the next scheduled period triggers. Example, if the current setpoint is 75, time of day is 1 PM and you want to temporarily lower the setpoint to 72 until the next period (say, evening at 5 PM), simply press the Temp Down button to 72F. 72F will be in effect until 5 PM at which time the programming will revert it back to 75F.

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"If the room temp is 60, and you're HOLDing with a heat setpoint of 75F then of course the system should heat."

Thanks. My post above is wrong, however I am unable to delete or even edit it.

I would say that my point about not pushing "Hold" was valid, however.

sorry to have caused confusion.

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Time for a pro joe.

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