Bosch Nexxt 500, need to open door after failure

peter_6bAugust 28, 2014

I love my Bosch washer, bought it some years ago after following many discussions on this forum. It has worked well for years, but today there was a loud 'snap' while filling, then the water flow briefly paused, then resumed, but the drum stopped turning while filling, and there was a strong burning smell, like electrical insulation burning.

I unplugged the machine, waited for a while, then plugged it back in, and was able to drain the wash, but the door didn't open at the end.

I'd like to get the clothes out before trying to repair this, if possible. I called Bosch, and the rep there said to remove the access panel, and there would be another cover plate behind that, and to take a pen, press in a hole, turn the cover clockwise, remove it, and look for a clip with wires attached. Unplug it, and the door lock would open.

Behind the access panel is what looks like the clean out cover, nothing electrical to unlock the door.

Does anyone out there have any suggestions on what I should do? And what might have shorted out in my washer? I wonder if it's fixable.

If it's beyond repair, there should still be some way to get the clothes out of the machine before junking it!


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I am not familiar with your machine but I downloaded the service manual and it says there is a round access cover that you remove that covers over the drain pump area, I presume to access the plug that allows you to clear an obstruction inside the pump. Under that same round access cover laying next to the pump is a draw string release cable to allow the latch to be released. Just pull the cable which resembles fishing line.

It says to remove the access cover insert a tool into the little hole and push in to release and turn cover clockwise.

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Thanks, that worked!

Where did you download the service manual? I'd like to look at it, though I'll probably call a repairman anyway. I took the back cover off, thinking that I might see where there was a short (melted insulation?), but nothing obvious that I could see. I wonder if the motor just burned out.


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It was on a service tech website that you have to be a member of. You may find it just doing an internet search.

Here is a link to the site I visit

Here is a link that might be useful: Fix It Now

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Thanks for the link!

I called a local repairman. He said that it's most likely a failure of BOTH control boards, and together they total about $700, with labor on top of that.

Needless to say, I'm buying a new washer, and it won't be a Bosch. I loved the Bosch, but I don't like spending so much money on something that doesn't last a really long time, and is very expensive to fix.

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