Fresh Start-No Longer On

northwoodsAugust 6, 2012

Fresh Start has been removed from their website very recently. It was just there a week ago. I just ordered a case in fear it is now history.

There is nothing like it, cleanest rinsing laundry soap there ever was, never a sud after one cycle. Nobody knows how many years of extra rinses for towels and jeans I have run in my FL until I found Fresh Start. Bummed!

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BTW I was a Tide HE powder user, 2-4tbsp a load. 2tbsp for towels and jeans, 4tbsp for shirts and undergarments...still suds after a cycle many times towels/jeans. Liquids are the worst and hard to control dosing.

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The last incarnation of Fresh Start has the classic scent and is mostly adequate but had been reformulated without enzymes, and of course is phosphate-free. I bought a case (six bottles) some months ago, not realizing the reformulation (no enzymes) had occurred. Gave a couple bottles to family, and am using it primarily for prewashing and hand-soaking, with added STPP and usually Biz.

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I used to buy it all the time at Gelson's, when we were still in Beverly Hills...but have not used it in a while. I found it to be very good, but not great at stains and odors. I NEVER have an issue with Tide he Powder, I love it!

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I e-mailed Phoenix Brands today. They said it does not appear on their website because it is available only online and not for distribution. The fact is it was an item displayed along with the liquids they sell such as dynamo etc. There are no plans to discontinue it!

As far as stain removal I believe it is better than tide as of late. The formulas Tide has have changed so many times and for the worst. Also Tide w/Bleach HE powder, P&G insists they still make it...I seen it once at Wal Mart and purchased a box. It has been never seen again. P&G told me I could purchase it on the P&G store is nowhere to be found on their site. I found it online at one retailer that I feel cannot be trusted to buy it and nowhere on popular e-retailers. The cost is just not worth the poor results Tide has become. Even the new pods are no good, leaves towels gritty and need extra rinse after a cycle...and still suds after that. Yes I rinse my washcloths in the shower when done soaping up, my washer has no build up either. Liquids cause the soap build up mostly and seriously it has become you need a dropper to measure it out...poor rinsing and smallest recommended amount is way too much.

Im done with P&G...pure garbage!

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My apologies,

Fresh Start is showing up at

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