Opinions on Samsung TL Washer/Dryer

jane__nyAugust 29, 2012

Just moved and need a washer/dryer as soon as possible. Visited a local appliance store and this set was being offered for $1,499.00. Both are top-loaders.

We have space issue in the laundry room but these will fit and the washer is 4.7 cu. ft.

Can't find any info on them. Have had FL in the past. Never used any Samsung appliances.

Washer-4.7 cu ft VRT Top load Washer - #WA5451ANW/XAA

Dryer - 7.4 cu ft Electric Top Loading Steam Dryer


Would appreciate any feedback on Samsungs and anyone who has used these units.


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The dryer you reference is frontloading, not toploading. The only manufacturer offering a topload dryer on the U.S. market is Fisher & Paykel.

Interestingly, Samsung does reference it as a toploading dryer on their web site, but that's clearly an error, the picture shows the door on the front. I'm assuming they mean that it's a matching dryer to their toploading washers.

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Thats weird! I looked at the spec sheet, and it says top loader. Guess that's not a good sign!

Do you know anything about these machines? Not so concerned about the dryer as the washer. I don't want to make a big mistake.

Thanks for pointing out the error.


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I have a friend that has this set. She is very pleased so far. Nothing but good things to say about them.

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Sorry, but cannot recommend ANY Samsung TL Washer/Dryer. I have posted on here previously re:this product. I have the WA5471ABPXAA01 washer, which is also a TL. I have had problems from the very beginning, one being spinning the clothes into almost a pulp. After numerous repair visits, latest being replacing the computer, I have just learned to live with it. But now that I am having the terrible smell developing, although I used Afresh, I have decided it is, again, time to call Samsung. My laundry room is adjacent to our bedroom & it is not pleasant, nor healthy, to have that smell drifting into the bedroom. And after spending upwards of $2700 for the set, no one is going to tell me I have to then spend another $8.99 for a 3-pk of freshener for the washer! Fix the problem, already!!!

I would not buy a Samsung, under any circumstances. Just research a bit, on this site, or any other for that matter. You will see what I mean.

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Thank you fourgr8kids, your comments have made my decision. I remember your posts regarding Samsung. I thought it was a different machine.

Back to square one. I have searched this forum and am so confused by it all. I would prefer a top loader because of space (or lack of it) but do not want to deal with tangling issues.

I looked at the Speed Queen, but they are smaller and I need a big drum. I wash comforters, rugs, king sheets, etc.

We are living without a washer and dryer since we moved in (1 week) and its been a nightmare. The Appliance store told me they could deliver the Samsungs in one day so I was hoping for better reviews.

Thanks again,

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Go for the new top load LG's...the washer is a 4.5 and the dryer I believe is a 7.3 cubic foot machine. LG WT5101 and LG dlgx5102..they come in white and platinum

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