My Leather Fetish (pics heavy, warning)

dcarch7June 28, 2012

Here I go again, coming up with strange ways of doing things.

In the Mango thread, mango leather was mentioned.

Speaking of Mangos, ---- pineapples, strawberries, cantaloupes, peaches ---everything is in season, soon you will be overwhelmed with tomatoes.

Yes! Make leather!

Let me share with you my way of making fruit leather.

1. From a craft store you can buy 1/4" x 1/4" wood sticks.

2. Miter the corners and glue into a wood frame.

3. Using Scotch Tape to stretch supermarket veggie plastic bags on the frame.

4. Pour fruit puree on the plastic and dehydrate.

5. There is no need for oil on the plastic, Fruit leather will not stick to the plastic. It peels off very easily.

6. If you set your dehydrator at the highest temperature and run it longer, you will get crispy fruit chips, crispy just like potato chips.

Speaking of "Snack Addiction", crispy fruit chips are my addiction.

Speaking of "Grammy's In Trouble", crispy fruit chips are popular with children.

You can get fancy and box them for wonderful gifts.


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Leave it to Dcarch to make fruit leather look elegant!

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Look at you! That is fantastic. You're amazing. Next year, for me, it'll be apricots.

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Dcarch, you come up with some of the most amazing recipes ideas and pictures that make one crave the items. Thanks again for another beautiful post.

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Terrific! (I'm hungry now)

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WOW!!!! That is an inspiring post.

Tell us more about the one with the embossed floral designs. How did you do that?


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This all looks delicious. My favorite is still the apricot leather from the middle eastern grocery store - very thick, sweet/sour, chewy and apricoty. It's hard on your fillings though. I made pear leather last year from the abundance of my mom's trees. Yummy!

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Last night we dined at a new gastropub-bar from the hit chef of Unami Burger. His burger contained Ketchup Leather. I have to admit, it was a richer and less gooey addition to the complete burger experience.

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dcarch - you've blown me away as usual. Two questions; picture 6 - how did you do the embossing and picture 7 - what are the red flakes, because I'm thinking that an apricot/peach/hot pepper leather would be really cool...

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Thank you very much everyone.

Unlike money in the bank, if you don't share your money, it grows by generating interest.
Ideas, OTOH, get stale if you don't share, and the more your share, the more ideas will come to you.

"---Tell us more about the one with the embossed floral designs.-----"

That is a pretty much brainless and skill-less, yet fun, idea. Find a carved pattern that you like, get some food-grade silicone molding rubber (eBay, Amazon), which is a two part liquid and pour over the mold. In a day, you will have a mold which you can use to make all kinds of food. Because it is silicone, it can be used to bake bread, make meat loaf, make candies, ---. Because it is silicone, nothing sticks to it. Because it is silicone, it will last forever.

"---what are the red flakes?----"

I make multi-colored fruit leather to make it more interesting looking and more interesting taste. Basically two different colored fruit purees. After you pour the main fruit puree, say mango, on the dehydrating tray, you just squirt the other colored fruit puree, say kiwi, on it.

More leather ideas:

1. Use very very thin puree, you can make extremely delicate fruit films. They make wonderful garnishes for your desserts.

2. The stores here sell marked-down fruits which are bruised, but not rotten, one dollar gets you a big bag. Great for making fruit leather.

3. Dehydrating at 150F for many hours kills many germs.


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