Need help on choosing the washer and dryer

stoleAugust 29, 2010

Hi, everyone,

I will soon be a first time home-owner (excited!), and I am so glad to be able to find such a great forum before I make the decision on the following choices. Any comments, especially on the resale value, will be greatly appreciated.

(1) Bosch version 800 washer and dryer. Pure white. Total for $1150.

(2) A whirlpool top-load washer and a samsung dryer (sorry I can remember the versions)£¬but with different colors. The washer is sea blue and the dryer is pure white. Total for $740.

All these are the old models (2009?) on sale.

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Congratulations on your new home!!!

I am not a fan of front loaders. So when I got new W&D three years ago I got top loading but the "newer" kind, that, ahem, saves water. Right. They work fine enough, no complaints really, but we rented a cottage this summer and they had the good old fashioned top loader that dumps a whole bunch of water in, and boy was that ever nice. If I had it to do over again, I would skip all the fancy stuff, save the money, and just get the simple square old top loading washer that simply washes the clothes in a tub of water, instead of what I have which sort of shoots water in periodically.

If your W&D are in an area that you will pass through frequently I recommend getting matching. Because of switching from electric to gas when we moved into our last house, I had mismatched ones in my pass-through laundry room for some time, and it bugged me.

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I would choose a top loading machine. I think your choices are fine.

Here is a link that might be useful: What Kind of Washing Machine Should I Buy

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I love buying appliances. It's so much fun researching the, prices , options wife does not like it like I do. I wish our fridge would break and I would be down at Lowes tonight!.
We have the Whirlpool Duet, front loaders, came with house from previous owner. I would guess 4 years old. It uses less water, but I liked our old Whirlpool top loader at our previous home. We bought the mid price model, about 450 or so for washer and 400 for dryer. I think with appliances, less electronics is better.
The Duet dryer seems to keep lent more than our previous Whirlpool dryer. I clean it once a month. Just kill the power, take off the link holder, vacuum out.
Duet washer spins like a mad man on high speed.
Both are not under warranty so if they break it might be back to Lowes for me. Appliance parts are not cheap.
I always buy at Lowes. I think you get the best warranty. 1 year with the machine plus 4 years on the extended warranty which is usually around 80 bucks. GE does the service. I have really made out with the extended warranty on the KitchenAid dish washer. I had it covered for 6 years and towards the end had 800 dollars in repairs. No cost to me!.
I think in the old days Kitchenaid dishwashers were the best. But now Whirlpool owns them so those days are long gone. GE - No thanks for anything they make. We have GE stove, dishwasher, m/w. They have a very bad reputation for quality and I can't wait to replace them. I don't care for the German brands. They are just too expensive and very expensive for parts.

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