fisher & paykel GWL11/ noise

TiffvAugust 7, 2011

I took my fisher & paykel GWL11 washer apart to clean, took the agitator and tub out. Now it is all back together went to run the clean cycle and it is making a terible noise when it should be agitating. When I was cleaning it I cleaned out a lot of black stinking stuff thought it was mold, but now I think it might have been grease and mold. Should I have put grease back into it somewhere and if so what type of grease.

Thanks for any info

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There is nothing inside the tub that needs grease. You may have gotten the basket drive cog assembled wrong.

The small floating cog fits under the hub inside the basket, not on the shaft under the basket.

The hub goes on top of the cog, under the agitator.

Then the basket simply sits inside the tub atop the drive shaft, with the agitator on the shaft anchored by the wingnut (nicely snug, but don't overtighten it).

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I am relieved to hear no grease. I checked and the small floating cog and hub are assembled correctly, but when I put the basket back on the drive shaft the small floating cog moves up, fitting inside of the hub is this correct? It no longer allows it to float.

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That is correct.

When water fills into the tub, air trapped under the plastic base of the basket causes it to float upward about 3/8", which disengages the basket from the cog so the agitator can oscillate without driving the basket (the basket free-spins on the shaft). Weight of the saturated/wet clothes holding the basket down from floating as it fills is the first part of the automatic water level sensing process. Larger load, heavier clothes takes more water to float the basket. Second phase of water level sensing is a series of test agitation strokes to check the load resistance.

When the water drains, the basket settles back down to engage the cog so it spins when the motor runs (the agitator spins at the same time, of course).

Grab the rim of the basket with both hands on opposite sides and lift upwards ... it should slip slightly up/down on the shaft.

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