Samsung Top Loader Model: WA50F9 or something else?

Niki FriedmanAugust 10, 2014

Hi all-
We are relocating our main floor laundry upstairs in a hall closet. With space concerns (plus the fact that I hate our Kennmore front loaders) we are going with top loaders.

This washer/dryer gets good reviews on amazon. Does anyone have any experience with them? Here's what we need:
- I do a ton of laundry- 2 young boys and 2 dogs (and a husband!)
- something that can handle a king sized comforter
- something that won't shake the house


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There are some people who love their HE top loaders but all signs including customer feedback point to front loaders being better. My personal opinion is that the tumble action of front loaders is more effective than the impellers found in today's HE top loaders. What don't you like about your front loader?

If I were buying a new washer today and it had to be a top loader I would get a Speed Queen although it is not high efficiency.

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Niki Friedman

Thanks HVTech. I plan to look into the SQ- there are multiple dealers in our area and I'm excited to see one in person!

Our machines have had one problem after another and the washer is so noisy. They are probably 9 years old so I'm sure they are on their way out anyway.

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Do you care whether it's high efficiency or not? The Speed Queen will use lots more water than your front loader did,. Also it won't look as cool as the Samsung top load, but it will last much longer. I believe Speed Queen will continue manufacturing their traditional top loader until 2017.

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Niki Friedman

HE doesn't matter to me (though it might be tough to find detergent that's not HE). I do care about looks but ultimately I want something that meets our requirements that WORKS! I do so much laundry and I need machines I can really count on without flimsy plastic parts like my kenmore.

Still hoping that someone can comment on the Samsung model.

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You can use HE detergent in non-HE washers. Plastic is here to stay and the Samsung will have plenty LOL. Seriously if build quality is your main concern and you don't care about efficiency or extra cycles/features just get a Speed Queen.

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Niki Friedman

We took a look at the speed queens and DH didn't like how they looked. He wants something flashier. So, back to the drawing board. Does anyone have these samsung machines?

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My neighbor has the top load Samsung. Doesn't like it at all. She went from a Kenmore Elite agitator TL to this and wishes she had known about Speed Queen before buying this one. She washes everything on Heavy Duty and some things still have to be washed twice. Not enough water or wash action(she says). If she uses the Aqua Jet it leaks on the floor, then makes a grinding noise. She is just waiting for it to quit, then she is going to get a SQ. She doesn't care how it looks just as long as it cleans. If you're not getting the SQ top load then I would stick with a F/L even if I had to stack them. Circulates clothes better than the HE TL.(IMO)

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whirlpool_trainee liked it - but they also said it was outclassed by several front loaders when it came to cleaning performance.

Why something flashier? Does you husband do laundry all the time and can't stand looking at the Speed Queens for the five minutes it takes to load and unload the machines? Does the closet have no doors?

Personally, I'd take the SQs over the flashy Samsung set.

Here is a link that might be useful: Samsung WA50F9A8DSP Washing Machine Review

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Niki Friedman

Ha- whirlpool! My husband doesn't do laundry. He's just a guy who likes shiny new stuff with fun buttons. The machines will be located in an upstairs hall closet. They won't be visible from the main level unless the doors are open. I think he's thinking of resale.

Thank you for the review Sparky. With two young boys and two dogs, I need something that cleans. I'm going to give it some more thought.

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Well, how often, do you think, will your husband stand in front of the washing machine with his buddies to show them the pooowerful engine that drives that biiig tub? How often will he marvel at the fancy lights and the cool sounds and the chrome accents? What do you think his reaction would be if you bought him a car that is pink and sparkly... because "it looks so cute!" Or how about a toolbox with diamanté applications?

Bottom line: if it is you who is using the washer, get something that will get the job done the way you need it to be done. And since SQs don't have that many cycles, who knows, the men in your house might be able to use them as well... eventually. ;)

And especially if you are doing lots of laundry, you'll appreciate the fact that the regular cycle only lasts around 30 minutes vs. an hour on the Sammy. Essentially, this means you can get 6.6 cu.ft. of laundry done in the same time the Samsung does five.


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Niki Friedman

Done! "This is your domain, get what you want," DH says. I think he's saving his veto power for the kitchen renovation ;)

There are 3 different SQ top loader models with nominal price differences. Does anyone have an opinion on which is best? Do the SQ shake like crazy?

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Has one of the best--if not the Best suspension systems in the industry. No banging, bumping walking with off balance loads.

You will need to adjust your water level up when you get it installed. Due to gov't regulations it fills 3/4(?) full of water for Large but can easily be adjusted to fill full. Instructions on You Tube.

About the models, they are all mechanically the same. For me I would either get the middle or top model just for the extra rinse option. With the top notch model you have more control over the speed of each cycle where with the others the speed depends on the cycle you are using.

They also have the best warranty anywhere.

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Just my 2 cents..... I use a FL Samsung weekly at a house cleaning job that I do. I am here to tell you that ALL Samsung washers, top load and front load, are built very cheaply. They are all plastic, and do not seem to be built from quality. Secondly, these washers use minimal water, and I mean minimal. Rinsing is piss poor. Water temps? Forget it, unless you like washing everything in cold, or if you want to pay the extra price of the heated wash options. Personally, I think FL are the way to go these days, HE top load washers are a joke. If you insist on going TL, then I would highly recommend staying in the Whirlpool family. Or Speed Queen....but i am not totally sold that Speed Queen is the wonderful, perfect machine that everyone assumes they are.

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"i am not totally sold that Speed Queen is the wonderful, perfect machine that everyone assumes they are."

- do a search for "Speed Queen" on internet and this form, and see the feedbacks yourself. The ones who gave Speed Queen high marks are not 'assuming', they are based on the user experience as Speed Queen owners.

In term of a Perfect Machine, I don't think it has been invented yet. For example, we do not wash king size comforter in our Speed Queen, instead, in Commercial Laundry Mate. We knew this limitation before we purchased our SQ. How often do you wash king size comforter? If not very frequently, why make a purchase decision based on an infrequently used requirement?

SQ is quality built with strong performance record and warranty. Tell your DH that the most unflashy thing to do is calling service, waiting for repairman to show up and paying for the repair bills for a flashy washer.

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Niki Friedman

Thanks all. Why can't I wash a king comforter in a SQ?

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Because the tub is "only" 3.3 cu.ft. but it largely depends on the thickness of the comforter.

Here's a Speed Queen washing a thin, I suppose, queen size comforter.

And here's a 5.6 cu.ft. Samsung "washing" an Ikea king size comforter

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I actually somewhat agree with Miele1966 about Speed Queen. I do think Speed Queen top loaders are quality but maybe not what people claim.

"do a search for "Speed Queen" on internet and this form, and see the feedbacks yourself. The ones who gave Speed Queen high marks are not 'assuming', they are based on the user experience as Speed Queen owners"

Most people here who are writing these good reviews have never even seen inside the machine or compared the mechanism to other top loaders. Folks this is an old Amana design. Yes there have been some improvements by Alliance, but does it compare to the older Maytag Dependable Cares and Whirlpool Direct Drives? I have read comments from repairmen online complaining about how they are a pain to service compared to other top load designs and that this could result in them being very expensive to fix down the road. Also, these machines have not been on the market long enough for people to comment on long term reliability.

However, despite it maybe not being the best top loader ever made, it certainly is the best one made today.

"If you insist on going TL, then I would highly recommend staying in the Whirlpool family"

I don't know if you have owned a recent Whirlpool top loader, but the direct drives are long gone except for stack units and commercial applications.. I have been putting their newer VMW belt drive machine which people love to hate into my rentals. I have to say, there are many things to like about it. Good cleaning performance, it fills all the way to the top, it's cheap to buy, and it's SO EASY to service. But, it is a cheaply built machine, thin metal, lots of plastic, the lid does lock, and it dumbs down the water temps. On the plus side the lid lock is less annoying than some other models since Whirlpool made a software change due to customer feedback that lets it fill with the lid open. I would recommend the VMW to people on a tight budget over the other lower priced traditional top loaders (GE, Frigidaire) but if you can afford better and MUST have a top loader Speed Queen is the way to go.

Speed Queen FRONT LOADERS on the other hand I think are one of the best machines made. I like them much better than the Speed Queen TL. I also agree with Miele1966 about front loaders being the way to go in general. Traditional top loaders are neanderthal technology and are going the way of the dodo bird. They were great in their day but they make no sense anymore. Alliance themselves have said that the days of the Speed Queen TL are numbered, and I have heard pretty soon they will be making some revisions to increase efficiency like electronic controls and spray rinses. I believe by 2017 or 2018 the top loaders will be totally gone. It is time to get with the program and get a high efficiency machine. If you had a front loader in the past and didn't like it, learn how to use one correctly next time. However the OP wanted a top loader and I don't like the HE top loads so I'm recommending accordingly.

As for which SQ to buy, this will vary on your personal preferences. If I were buying, I would get the 412. It is the cheapest and best selling model. There is no manual speed control, it is done based on the cycle you choose. That is fine by me. Extra rinse on a top loader is wasteful and should be rarely used. You can get one on the 412 too in the rare case that you need one by just turning the timer dial back.

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"Why can't I wash a king comforter in a SQ?"

Because it, being traditional top loader has a smaller capacity than HE TL's or FL's. That said even with an HE machine you will need a pretty big one to wash a KING comforter. But how often do you need to do that anyway? I would recommend NOT making the ability to wash a king comforter part of your criteria and instead taking that stuff to the laundromat.

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Niki Friedman

We have two elderly dogs who sleep in our bed so sometimes we have messes :(. We recently switched to a duvet and down alternative comforter so perhaps I'll just be washing the duvet frequently and the down not so often. Still, I like to be able to wash them in a pinch if I need to. I can do it in my kenmore front loader.

Top loaders may be going away but if these machines last as long as many people claim, I'm not worried about it. I'm buying them for our family and our needs and I think it's a good choice.

Thanks again to all of you for your advice!

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My sister had a SQ and she washed a king comforter in it with no problems. Wasnt overly thick. In fact it was the one their 2 dogs slept on also.
Moved to a new house and left SQ in other house. She has a front loader in this house and has hated it since day one. She says there is "too much work" to it meaning she dries out the gasket after each time and the detergent drawer and leaves the door open. Said she didnt have that with the top loaders.

Saw the Samsung you were looking at on sale at Best Buy today for $699-save $300. If you really like that one that is a great buy...?

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"Also, these machines have not been on the market long enough for people to comment on long term reliability."

True, to a point, Speed Queen and Amana sold essentially the same machine from 1994-1997, then the "commercial version" left the market due to sale of parts of the company to Goodman Company, Amana brand only, who was later ate up by Maytag, then ultimately whirlpool. Sometime around 1999/2000 Amana came up with their own version, plastic tub I think. I think about 2005 Speed Queen came back on the home market again. So quite a few machines should be out there reflective of the suspension, controls, and mechanics.

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vienamommy I have a geriatic dog and adjusted my lifestyle for the problems such as occasional incontinence when sleeping. We have plastic mattress covers and everything in the house (area rugs, couch, etc., is lined or covered with plastic.

Anyways... I have a LG 4.3 cubic foot HE top loader and I can wash a king comforter and two sheets and they come out nice and clean. I use the "bulky" cycle when I do the bedding.

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"Speed Queen and Amana sold essentially the same machine from 1994-1997"

They sure did, and those machines did not have an amazing reputation for reliability and were considered inferior to offerings from Maytag and Whirlpool at the time. They certainly were not anywhere near the worst washing machines made but they weren't the best either. They did have a better reputation than the Maytag SAV's which did nothing but make the design worse.

Anyhow supposedly Alliance has made design improvements since then, so today's Speed Queens aren't really those machines. Speed Queen came back to the residential market in 2004 I believe but their top loaders did not become popular until many years later because in 2004 there were better options. Why buy this weird brand you'd never heard of "Speed Queen" when you could buy a proven Maytag or Whirlpool? However nowadays most people who do even a little bit of research know Maytag and Whirlpool are the same and their TL offerings are nowhere near as good as they were 10 years ago. Leading them to... Speed Queen! The point: we have a lot of positive reviews from people who bought theirs recently but I haven't seen any from people who have had them for more than 5 years. Even though they may be more reliable than before, supposedly the transmission and seal in the top loaders are very difficult to replace. Since the repairs may be expensive, many Speed Queens may be junked in under 10 years whereas a 30 year old Whirlpool direct drive could have the coupling replaced relatively cheaply. I still maintain they are the best top loader on the market today. However if you like your current machine don't go rushing off to buy a Speed Queen, it really won't be better with the exception of slightly more capacity.

As for washing a king size comforter in a Speed Queen TL... I'm not buying that for a second. I linked a YouTube video of one washing a full size comforter and that washer is pretty darn full. You should never tightly pack stuff into a washer. It is not good for the item(s) being washed or the machine and will result in poor cleaning. Either buy a high capacity HE toploader/frontloader OR (my preferred strategy) take bulky items to the laundromat where they will have front loaders larger than anything you'd find at home specifically designed to wash these items.

If you need to wash bulky items frequently and don't want to go to the laundromat, front loaders are the way to go. You say your machine is noisy and has had problems but it sounds like you just got a dud. Don't assume ALL front loaders are like yours. Many people get dud top loaders too. As for the noise, what does it sound like and it is just during the spin cycle or during tumbling as well? It could be normal or it could indicate a mechanical problem. My LG is silent while tumbling. It does ramp up like a jet engine during the spin cycle but I can put up with it for a few minutes and besides I think it sounds kinda cool :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Speed Queen TL Full Comforter

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Niki Friedman

I don't think we have the space for a front loader because it would be too tight in the hallway if we left the washer door open (to avoid that pesky mildew smell).

Our appliance saleswoman suggested we go with an electrolux front loader before we opted for a top loader.

Is there a higher capacity top loader available that's not junk? Ugh- this is harder than picking my kitchen appliances! I do way more laundry than cooking!

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Regards to the video hvtech42 linked above of a SQ toploader washing a comforter ... IMO it's washing quite nicely. I downloaded the video and played it at 8x normal speed, which shows that the item is rolling over, although slowly. Per the video description the machine is running on low speed. High speed would result in better turnover (although more aggressiveness on the item) ... and of course, the timer could be reset for more wash time on low speed to maintain the delicate treatment.

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^I agree. I was just responding to a previous poster who claimed they knew someone who washed king comforters in a Speed Queen. My point was that the full comforter pretty much took up the whole tub and a much larger king sized comforter would probably have to be packed in tight to even fit and probably wouldn't wash well at all.

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Take your comforter to the store and see how well it fits in the washer (SQ).

I am the one who said my sister washed a king comforter in hers all the time. It was one that her dogs lay on and I am sure it has lost some of its loft over time. Maybe that is why it fit fine.

They may fit great in the huge tubs of the T/L HE machines but they wont rollover in those either.

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