for nyc apartment - need recommendation for non venting w/d

grannysmith18August 18, 2011

I'd like to have a washer and dryer installed in my apartment. Basically starting from scratch, and having a small laudry room put in. The rules of my building are that I can only put in a non-vented dryer. I don't know anything about these, and haven't been able to learn much online. I think what I probably want is a "condensation" type dryer. Does that seem accurate?

What brand/model would be best? I've heard that the Bosch make a good set, but I can't get information about the models, and what their features are.

My preference would be to get a full size washer and dryer that stack (sort of like the Whirlpool Duet), but if they have to be side by side I could do that - I don't want to sacrifice capacity.

Drying time is also a consideration. I know I won't get the same quick drying time as my mom gets in the suburbs with a vented gas dryer, but what can I expect?

Thanks for any help and insights. Any suggestions for websites that have info would also be appreciated, but it's hard to imagine anything better than this forum.

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Funny you ask. A few days I told a coworker about my new Asko washer and dryer. Coincidentally, he and his wife have an Asko washer and dryer in their condo and he said they love it now that they are used to the humidity. What humidity? Turns out my dryer is vented but his is a condenser dryer. In a condenser dryer, moisture that would otherwise be vented is either collected in a cup and manually emptied or drained out through a tube connected to a drain; his is the latter. I don't know if all condenser dryers generate humidity. Drying can take a couple of hours depending on the size of the load. Most washer/dryers of this type are small European units, but I believe LG may make a larger one.

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We have the smaller LG combo unit. I have to say, it doesn't really affect the humidity level around the unit. I understand some units are pretty bad about that, but not this unit. With any condensing dryer, you are going to see significantly longer dry times. With our unit, it's about 3 hours for the normal dry cycle. They do come out super hot/dry, though.

No experience with the separate units. I do understand the separate condensing driers have a better system of removing excess lint. That's something our combo unit doesn't do and it sucks.

Check out AJ Madison's condensing sets. Since you are in NYC, they might have some in their showrooms. In DC here, and we had to do our shopping online, so you might get the benefit of checking them out in person first. Good luck!

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look at the Miele condenser unit - it is the best

there is a show room/gallery in NYC wher you can see it

the showroom is owned by Miele - address is on their web site

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Thanks so much for the help. I've seen AJ Madison online and didn't realize they're actually located right in Brooklyn. I'll go check them out. I'm hoping they even have the Miele, otherwise I'll got to the showroom as kerbosch suggests.

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