Ariel at Walmart

houserookieAugust 3, 2010

Today I saw a large bag of Mexican Ariel powder at Walmart. $10. They had only one left. I did not buy it because it was not the "low suds" one that we can use in FL.

I was also expecting a higher price tag. Is that the same as the European Ariel? I don't think I've ever seen it at Walmart before...

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It's likely a "domestic" version of Ariel, largely marketed to the Mexican consumer, and isn't quite the same as the European product. I haven't looked at the WM offering in a while, but I examined Ace, Ariel, Foca, & Roma at a local grocery several days ago and noticed "suds supresser" listed among the ingredients. I bought a bag of Ace Limon, which also lists "suds supressers."

Ace, Ariel, and Roma here are non-phosphate formulas (with enzymes), but Foca is still phosphated. I got a bag of Foca also.

I've used Ace, Ariel, & Foca in the past, but I don't recall mention of suds suppressors. I yet tried this new bag in my HE toploader, so can't say how much sudsing it produces.

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dadoes - You are right. The Ariel I saw did not have phosphates listed.

I wonder if the rest of the ingredients are the same as the European version.

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There is a huge thread about Mexican Ariel here at gardenweb, and the conclusion was that it used phosphates and had a really overpowering scent.

Mexican Ariel does not contain oxygen-bleach, but it DOES contain phosphates, which makes it very popular with many members here. Mexican Ariel is like a light blue (maybe more of a turqouise-color) and has blue "balls" as well. Mexican Ariel (like most other Mexican laundry and cleaning products) is highly scented, and can be a bit overpowering, especilly when using large amounts in a TL.

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The referenced thread is three years old and the details no longer apply. Not all Ariel for sale in the U.S. is a true Mexican version ... some of it has been "Americanized."

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WalMart has the Ariel USA which was available in boxes & doesn't contain phosphates. However, the local RALEY's has Ariel that at a sticker saying it contained "sodium polyphosphates".

question: sodium polyphosphates = sodium tripolyphosphates ??

Side note: better go to Big Lots or 99 cent or such stores to get the last of the phosphated dishwasher detergent. Did 1 load with non-phosphated Cascade & it created a gray coating on my glassware that is hard to get off; that stuff don't work at all with any level of hard water.

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