Anyone Else Have to Move Doors to Fit New W&D

sfmomoxoAugust 9, 2010

Well, we're finally going to spring for a new front-loader washer and dryer. I think we're going with the Samsung.

Only problem is that our laundry area is a converted closet on the second floor. The "closet" is 32" deep, the Samsung dryer is 31-1/2" deep...and of course the venting will add another 2+".

We can probably move the bifold closet doors out a bit..there is moulding around the door frame that I'd imagine can be removed. Has anyone else had to deal with this issue???

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Yes, there are many of us with this issue. My old laundry center was in the kitchen in a closet with a bifold door. The new FL set would not fit behind the doors so I took them off altogether. The machines don't stick out of the closet, just past the doors. They look better than the doors, too, so it worked out fine. Some people move the doors if they can, use a curtain, or, like me, leave the machines in the open.

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Not doors but I had to redo the shelves. Old FL was about 24 inches deep; the 12 inch shelf overhead was perfect for storing baskets and detergent. My Bosches are about 32 inches deep plus higher due to the pedestals; we had to put a 20-inch Elfa shelf for the baskets and make room for detergents beside the washer.

They are much bigger in every dimension!

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I haven't done it yet, because my machines just fit behind the bi-fold doors. It's a little tight, and I put some velcro felt to protect the machines' clear plastic doors. What I should do is to put a molding around the door frame and re-hang the doors from the molding. This would give the machine an extra half-inch.

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