Used Asko or Miele?

bookertJuly 24, 2010

In the near future I will be needing to replace my GE Harmony (no heater) HE washer, due to the electronics going out.. =( I didn't renew the service contract.

Does anyone have just the washer not connected to the dryer?

I love my GE Harmony dryer and since I paid to have it converted to propane, I'd like to keep it.

I've read that the Asko's need to be plugged in to one another. Not sure about the Miele's but I think I read they require this too.

I'm on a tight budget so buying new is NOT an option.

I've found a newer Asko set for under $1K. Is this considered a deal?

I also do NOT have 220v, so would need to have it installed.

No idea if this would be a deal breaker as far as cost goes to have this installed.

I would try to sell off the dryer in case I have to buy a set.

Lastly, the unit would be on a wood foundation in a laundry room. Years ago I had a LG FL and it had to be returned due to excessive vibration during spins. It was leveled properly. Had good luck with a Duet FL before that, but the control panel cracked in less than one year so I replaced it finally with my current unit.

I have very few whites so the hot hot wash is not necessary to me. My goal is to have properly rinsed clothes.

I'd like to have a unit for a long period of time with fewer repairs. I had to replace the transmission last year on the Harmony, but it was covered under the warranty I bought.

I appreciate any comments and/or suggestions anyone may have.

Please tell me your experiences good or bad with your units if possible as well.

Thank you in advance!

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You really have been through washing machine hell, haven't you?
Since front loading machines are much more finicky than top loading machines and added to the fact that you are on a budget, I'd recommend a Whirlpool, Roper or and Estate washer.
Underneath they are the same direct drive system and they usually last a very long time with minimal repairs. We have a Whirlpool set that is 17 years old and still going. Parts for these will be available for the next 30 years because there are so many of them out there. But they really are very reliable machines.
The more modern Mieles 4000series, runs on 115V. BUT you'll shell out at least $2300. for one. Mieles are not very budget friendly.

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I've had my share of washers the past 6 yrs. for sure.
I try to take it in stride as I have lots to be thankful for to say the least! =)

After going to the laundromat today (didn't want to chance anything going wrong with such a large load), I have to add that I'd really like to stick with a non agitator machine of some sort.
I will say the Wascomat machine I used provided ample water. I chose the perma press cycle so not sure if that helped.
I noticed the Speed Queen units had the energy star badge on them, so I didn't use it.
I washed a king comforter and thought I'd get more water usage in the largest Wascomat machine.

Hmmm, maybe down the road I may be able to pick up one of the 120v Miele units.
My question is however, will my wood foundation if reinforced, still cause rumbling thru out the house on the spin mode??

Have a great day!

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I know what you mean about the Wascomat FL machines. They really do use a generous amount of water. But they are commercial machines. I need to have my clothes well rinsed too.
Energy Star appliances for home use don't use anywhere near the amount of water the Wascomats do. Darned it.

As far as reinforcing the floor it all depends on what kind of floor construction you have now. If you put down 3/4" plywood and load it up with enough screws to hit all the beams you should minimize any problems you may have.
But that doesn't always work. You just have to make sure that the people who install your front loading machine know how to balance it properly. That's where most balance problems come in with FL machines. They aren't balanced correctly in the first place.

The only machines I have seen that have been impervious to vibration problems have been the Samsung machines with VRT (vibraton reduction technology).

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Asko machines have a different kind of suspension from most F/L. The case is more isolated from the energy of the spin. Some people have suggested that that makes them more suitable for wood floors and/or second story installations. My Asko machines have always been on concrete/tile in basement, or mounted in unsually stiff locations, so I can't say.

Asko machines do take 220V; you can have a washer by itself or have it coupled to the dryer with only one connection to the wall. You can plug an Asko washer into most 220 v dryer circuits (may need to change receptacle/socket), but typically you can not share a service wire with both an Asko and a "regular" electric dryer (the sharing only works with a Asko pair).

Asko machines are cold-feed only (certainly for older ones, and possibly for all models). This makes plumbing easy.

I have both Asko and Miele machines (all older models). I think for certain loads one is better than the other, but in general I love them both.

Asko hit a bad patch about 5 years ago and had some quality issues. I'm a bit fuzzy about which models, perhaps you could post model numbers and see if someone else can recall any issues or problems with them.

Even though you don't have may whites, you'll find the higher temps have their uses.

I you are worried about the size of the Askos, do this test: take a typical load you do now and weigh it. If it weighs less than 5 kilos (about 11 lbs) dry, then it will fit into the Asko just fine. Asko machines are true horizontal axis mchines so they can be filled right up.


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I have plywood foundation so this may limit me. The Duet I had wasn't too bad so maybe with the extra plywood base etc...I may be ok.

Yes, the Wascomat would be great to have at home! I would wash everything I could get my hands on for sure!

Not impressed with the VRT system having used a few at people's homes. My opinion only.


Thank you for your input! Maybe the ASKO would be a better bet for my wood foundation due to the suspension.
I'll keep an open mind though.
The set I had my eye on sold, so I'm on the lookout again.
I'm sure if I have the time to be patient I will find one or a set that has been well taken care of for a good price.

I will try the weigh test as you suggested. I'd never thought to do that. I can wash pretty large loads in my current GE Harmony, but I don't as a rule. I have however, started to push the loads down to ensure the sensors use ample water. I didn't have any issues before to merit the change, as it uses a good amt. of water.

There is a Pacific Sales in my area, I wonder if they carry Asko or Miele washers. Anyone know?

It's hard to tell how old a unit is just asking most people as they tend to throw out, "oh, it's just a few years old" type answer. I'd have to get the serial number I suppose.

Well thank you for your replies, they are very appreciated!

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IIRC, Asko serial numbers used to begin with a two digit year designation, i.e. 94-XXX, made in 1994, etc. I can check my machines and verify that if you like. It's the manufactured year not the selling year, though.

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That may help me, but I was searching on an online site for used Asko's and they were said to be almost new, but the info I found on reviews state people have had the units since 2001-2002. I'm a bit confused on what to do here. I suppose I will have to look into the model reviews to ensure there aren't any issues with it.
Am I on the right track here?

Would a Miele be an option since I have plywood base flooring? Does the Miele have the tilted drum like an Asko?

Thanks so much!

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