Farmer's Market Weekend

dcarch7June 25, 2012

Went to the farmer's market, got some wonderful squashes and purple scallions, some extraordinary scallops and heritage pork belly.

Went to the supermarket, and got some Lamb neck bones. Lamb is expensive, but the neck bone was $1.65 a lb. A lot of meat on the bones. The flavor and texture of the neck bone meat is, IMHO, better than other lamb cuts of meat. Kind of like ox tails. I hope no one discover that. :-)


Sous Vide Pork Belly with a Medley of squashes

Scallops, patty pan squash on black rice

Stewed Lamb Neck Bone

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How did you do the crisp fat cap on the pork belly? Flip it over and deep fry just the cap?

I think generally, the closer to the bone, the yummier the meat. When I was a kid, we used to have big bowls of chicken necks.

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" How did you do the crisp fat cap on the pork belly? Flip it over and deep fry just the cap? ---"

That is quite a challenge to make a pork belly the way that I think it should be made. The meat should be flavorful, juicy and tender. The skin should be melt-in-your mouth crackling crispy, not tooth-breaking kind of crispy.

The key to have crispy pork rind is to puncture as many holes as possible on it. This can take a while to do, except I have developed a way to get it done in no time. (another video yet to be made)

After the skin had been perforated with a million holes, the pork was marinated in the refrigerator for three days.

Then it went in the sous vide cooker for 24 hours at 150F.

Here is another key step:

I wrapped the meat part in foil exposing only the skin. The pork went into the dehydrator set at 150F for 6 hours to dry up the skin without drying up the meat. Notice also the skin had been scored to prevent warping as it was being dried.

The pork then was chilled in the refrigerator.

After the pork had been chilled, it went into a preheated oven set at 400F for a short while. The skin just puffed up and the meat was warmed up without being overcooked.

It was not as much work as it sounds; in any case, the perfect pork belly was well worth the effort.

I am actually also making pancetta. So I have a lot of pork skin. I made another batch of fatless pork cracklins.


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Your photos look beautiful and scrumptious at the same time!

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What Petaloid said.

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Thank you Petaloid and agmss.

I love this time of the year. In a few minutes, I will be scouting the farmer's market again. It's just 5 minutes from my house.


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